Momentum Films Pty. Ltd., Australian Film Finance Corporation Limited,
The South Australian Film Corporation, Film Victoria. 1996.
Director: Scott Hicks. Music: David Hirschfelder
CD (ST) Philips. 454 710-2. 1996.
Produced by David Hirschfelder. Executive Producers: Jane Scott and Scott Hicks. Soundtrack Executive for PolyGram Classics & Jazz: Nancy Zannini. Orchestra conducted by Ricky Edwards. Orchestra Leader: Robert John. Recorded and Mixed by Michael Letho. Additional Engineering by Robin Gray, David Williams and Adam Rhodes. Digitally Mastered by Michael Costa. PolyGram Music Publishing except tracks 19, 23, 29 and 34 Polygram/Mushroom Music. Special thanks to Debra Hirschfelder, Peter Hoyland, Sam Schwartz, Sandy Edwards, Stella O’Malley, Ross Clunes, Vladimir Chishkovsky, Sara Hood, Ian Harvey, Yamaha, PolyGram, Manny’s Music, ISMT, The Piano Shop, Adelphia Studios, Allan Eaton Sound and David and Gillian Helfgott. Piano - David Helfgott except tracks 2 - Ricky Edwards/David Helfgott; 5 - David Hirschfelder; 6 - Wilhelm Kempff; 10, 13 and 15 - David Hirschfelder; 17 - David Helfgott and David Hirschfelder; 22 and 31 - Ricky Edwards.

With The Help Of God, Shine. (3:19).
The Polonaise. (1:20). (Chopin, Arranged Hirschfelder).
Did He Win? (0:43).
Will You Teach Me? (2:33).
Scales To America. (2:29). Harp: Mary Doumany.
Scenes From Childhood - “Almost Too Serious”. (1:32). (Schumann).
These People Are A Disgrace. (1:15).
Raindrop Prelude. (0:42). (Chopin, Arranged Hirschfelder).
Your Father Your Family. (2:34). v: Noah Taylor.
Tell Me A Story, Katharine. (2:03).
Back Stage. (1:16).
Punished For The Rest Of Your Life. (1:02).
Moments Of Genius. (0:46).
La Campalesson. (0:49). (Liszt, Arranged Edwards / Hirschfelder).
Letters To Katharine. (1:27).
1st Movement Cadenza From The Rach. 3. (2:37). (Rachmaninov).
Night Practice / Parcel From Katharine. (1:19). (Rachmaninov, Hirschfelder).
As If There Was No Tomorrow. (1:44).
The Rach. 3. (4:17). (Rachmaninov, Hirschfelder).
Complicato In Israel. (1:56). Harp: Mary Doumany.
Raindrop Reprise. (1:44). (Chopin, Arranged Hirschfelder).
Bath To Daisy Beryl. (1:30). (Edwards / Hirschfelder). Harp: Mary Doumany.
Gloria. (2:26). (Vivaldi, Arranged Edwards / Hirschfelder). Trumpet - Geoffrey Payne. Oboe - Jeffrey Crellin.
Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2. (3:39). (Liszt, Arranged Hirschfelder).
Prelude in C # Minor. (2:17). (Rachmaninov, Arranged Hirschfelder).
Flight Of The Bumble Bee. (1:08). (Rimsky-Korsakov, Arranged Rachmaninov).
Rach. 3 Reborn. (1:13). (Rachmaninov, Arranged Hirschfelder).
Goodnight Daddy. (2:03).
A Loud Bit Of Ludwig’s 9th. (0:41). (Beethoven, Arranged Edwards / Hirschfelder).
Sospiro. (2:45). (Liszt, Arranged Hirschfelder).
What’s The Matter, David / Appassionata. (1:12). (Hirschfelder, Beethoven, Arranged Edwards).
La Campanella. (1:02). (Liszt, Arranged Edwards).
Familiar Faces / Rach. 3 Encore. (1:35). (Hirschfelder, Rachmaninov, Arranged Rachmaninov).
Nulla In Mundo Pax Sincera. (4:38). (Vivaldi, Arranged Edwards / Hirschfelder). Soprano - Jane Edwards. Harpsichord - Geoffrey Lancaster. Cello - Gerald Keuneman.

2CD (ST) Philips. 456 403-2. 1997. “SHINE THE COMPLETE CLASSICS”.