Verdict Pictures Presents a Gorilla Films Production, South Australian Film Corporation. 2006. Written and Directed by James Harkness. Original Music: Stephen Cummings, Damir, Luciano Puopolo, Nic Young, Stu Young.
CD (ST) Red Flag Records. Unnumbered. 2006.
Look at Me. Wild Blue Angel.
It’s a Man’s Man's World. Renee Geyer Wicked Beats Sound System
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. Derek Antunes.
Alaska. Leonardo’s Bride/Wicked Beats Sound System.
Comes and Goes. Modern Life.
Love Is Mighty close To You. Stephen Cummings.
Pipe Dreams. Galvanize.
You Might Say. Leighstardust and Denni Meredith.
My Name is Heroin. Damir.
I Get High. The Whitlams.
There is No Such Place. Augie March.
Shootin Up Again. Galvanize.
The Truth About Love. Stephen Cummings.
Do That to Me One More Time. Swoop.
Rope. Anastasia Seis & Galvanize.
Stellamare. Stephen Cummings.
Disconnected (Dubconnected Mix). Kim Salmon.
Addicted. Neil Finn.
Can’t Right the Wrongs. If.