Australian Film Finance Corporation presents in association with
Showtime Australia an Artists Services Production.1999.
Director: John Polson. Music: Paul Grabowsky
CD (ST) Festival. D32124. 1999.
All titles composed by Paul Grabowsky. Published by Warner Chappell except where indicated. “Hallelujah” composed by Leonard Cohen (Sony/ATVPxblishing). “Swingin' Safari” composed by Bert Kaempfert (EMI Pub). “Agnus Del” composed by Paul Grabowsky (Warner/Choppell). Composed, arranged and conducted by Paul Grabowsky. Recorded and mixed by Robin Bray at Allan Eaton's Studio. Mastered by Yuri Worontschak at Kinesound. Music performed by the Victorian Philharmonic Orchestra. Leader: Rudi Osadnik Orchestral
Piano: Stuart Campbell.

Siam Sunset.
Hose Play.
Flickering Screen.
Whippet Away.
Grace Amazing.
Concerto for Stan.
The Mix.
Martin's Love Theme/Throwing Stones.
Hangin with Les.
Lightning Rod.
A Popular Song/Epiphany.
One Dead Bus/On Fire.
Agnus Del.
The Fridge Thing.
Searching for Siam.
Hallelujah (Directors Cut).
Farewell to Eric's.
Closing Titles.
Swingin' Safari.
Siam Samba.
Lament for Perence.
Hallelujah (Lurch Mix).