Media World Features Pty. Ltd. 1992. Producer/Director: John Tatoulis. Music: Tassos Ioannides
CD (ST) Picture This. PTR004. 1992. Includes dialogue from the film.
Composed by Tassos Ioannides (Mushroom Music) except “Son Of The Wind” Music by Tassos Ioannides Lyrics by Tassos Ioannides & John Tatoulis (Mushroom Music). Keyboards, Synthesisers, Sampling - Joe Chindamo. Wind Instruments - John Barrett. Didjeridoo - Sonny Cooper. Percussion - Alex Pertout. Violin - Spyros Rantos. Choir - The Melbourne Vocal Ensemble (vox pro tempo). Orchestra - Melbourne Chamber Orchestra. Conductor - Spyros Rantos. Vocals on “Son Of The Wind” Tiddas (appear courtesy of Phonogram). Music recorded at Alan Eaton Studios. Sound Engineer - Robin Gray. Feature Film Sound Post Production Supervising Sound Editor - Peter Burgess. Sound Editors - Glenn Newnham and Gavin Myers. Sound Mixed at South Australian Film Corporation Studios. Chief Mixer - James Currie. Assistant Mixer - Peter Best. This recording Mastered at Music & Effects Sound Laboratory. Mixed by Doron Kippon. Supervising Mixer - James Currie. Produced by John Tatoulis & Colin J. South. Soundtrack Co-ordinator - Janine Kerr. Voice Over Script - John Tatoulis & Jon Stephens. Narration: Elyne - Caroline Goodall, The Man - Russell Crowe, Indi - Ami Daemion, Jock - Johnny Raaen, Auctioneer - Graham Fullgrabe.

The Silver Brumby Theme.
The Birth Of Thowra.
Facing Danger.
Don’t Lose The Creamies.
Winter In The High Country.
To Be King Of The Cascade Brumbies.
The Cunning Of Man.
Golden’s Theme.
Running Free.
The Return Of Golden.
Thowra - King Of The Cascade Brumbies.
The Greatest Brumby Of Them All.
Son Of The Wind.