Australian Film Finance Corporation Pty. Limited, WMG Film GmbH, British Screen Finance Limited,
Sampson Productions Pty. Limited, Sarah Radclyffe Productions-Sirens Limited. 1994.
Director: John Duigan. Music: Rachel Portman.

CD (ST) Milan (USA). 73138 35669-2.
Music Composed and Orchestrated by Rachel Portman. Conductor: David Snell. Copyist: Tony Stanton. Recording Engineer: Chris Dibble. Music Recorded at CTS Studios Wembly. Edited by Mike Brown at CTS. Score Published by Sarah Radcliffe - Sirens Limited/Samson Productions Two Pty. Limited. Album Producer: Ian P. Hierons. Milan Executive Direction: Emmanuel Chamboredon & Toby Pienier. Rachel would like to thank John Duigan, Uberto Pasolini, Ian P. Hierons and everyone at Milan Records. March Past Of The Kitchen Utensils (From WASPS). (3:07). (Ralph Vaughn Williams). (J. Curwen & Sons Ltd./G. Schirmer P/L. Faber Music Limited, London/Boosey & Hawkes) .(PRS). Performed by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. Conducted by Patrick Thomas. Courtesy Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The Yearning/Sirens Suite. (3:27).
Sam Sawnoff’s Pipe.
Sam Sawnoff’s Horn.
Calliope House.
(3:49). (Dave Richardson, Ronan Heenan, Alison Marr). (Gilderoy Music (PRS). Performed by Boys Of The Lough.
Hylas And The Nymphs/Waves.
Beckoning/Promises And Regret.
The Sprightly Don.
Terra Australis.
Grey Funnel Line.
(3:02). (Cyril Tawney). (Dick James Music Ltd./Polygram Music Publishing). (PRS). Performed by Silly Sisters. (Maddy Prior, June Tabor). (Courtesy of Chrysalis Records Ltd).