Sky Pirates Ltd., John Lamond Motion Pictures. 1986. Director: Colin Eggleston. Music: Brian May.

CD (ST) oneMone. 1M1CD1002. (AAD). 1989.
Music Composed and Conducted by Brian May. All music published by Nabrid Music Pty. Ltd (APRA). Recording Engineer: Robin Gray. Recorded at Allan Eaton Studios, Melbourne. Digital Mastering Leon Zervos, EMI Studios, Sydney.

Prologue/Main Title. (5:01).
Take Off/The Mission. (2:57).
Mystic Force/The Crash. (5:21).
Sea Of Lost Ships. (2:32).
Deserted Ship/Adrift. (2:22).
Melanie/Escape. (4:40).
Harris Saves Melanie/Ya Gotta Trust Me. (3:53).
The Great Plane Robbery/ Fighter Attack. (4:15).
Final Fighter Pass/Truck Chase. (7:32).
Faulkner’s Bar. (4:13).
Go To Sleep/To Bora Bora. (2:37).
Ghost Busters. (1:19).
Mystic Happening. (2:15).
To Easter Island. (1:20).
Underwater To The Plane. (3:42).
Easter Island/Inner Secrets/The Sacred Tomb. (7:38).
He Who Disturbs The Sacred Moia Meets Death. (2:30).
Closing Titles. (3:29).