London Films. 1956. Director: Anthony Kimmins. Music: William Alwyn.

45 (ST) Parlophone (UK). R 4197. 1956. The version of “Smiley”, written by Johnny (John) Young, is not related in any way to this film. In fact Young’s version was based on Normie Rowe’s experiences in Vietnam.
“Smiley”. v: Shirley Abicair.

EP(t) (OP) Parlophone (UK). GEP 8612.
“Smiley”. v: Shirley Abicair.

CD(t) (AD) Columbia. 471845 2. 1992. “2KY ALL TIME FAVOURITES”.
Recorded at Australian Record Company’s Studios, 29 Bligh Street, Sydney.
Tk9 “Smiley”. (C. Collins). (J. Albert & Son Pty. Ltd). v: Ray Dickson.