Meridian Films Pty. Ltd. 1992. Director: Mark Joffe. Music: Ricky Fataar.

CD (ST) Picture This Records. PTR1. 1992.
Original Music Composed by Ricky Fataar (Capuccino Music). Produced and Arranged by Chong Lim. Recorded and mixed by Don Miller-Robinson at the Chinese Laundry Studios, Sydney. Soundtrack co-ordination: Chris Gough, Mana Music.

Catch The Wind. (Leitch). v: Donovan. (Peer Southern Music). Courtesy of Castle Communications.
The Loved One. (Lovett/Clyne/Humphries). v: The Loved Ones. (Mushroom). Courtesy of Polygram Records.
Hey Baby. (Channel/Cobb). v: La De Das. (Alberts). Courtesy of Zodiac Records.
Sick And Tired. (Bartholomew/Kenner). v: Billy Thorpe. (Alberts). Courtesy of Albert Productions.
Durmack’s Factory.
Sad Theme.
Slot-Car Race.
Drivin’ And Jivin’.
Spotswood Orchestral.
Canteen Strut.
In The Rain.
Bicycle Race.
Spotswood Reprise.