Hedon Productions. 1974. Director: Sandy Harbutt. Music: Billy Green.
LP (ST) WEA. 600,002. 1974.
Composed and Produced by Billy Green. A Hedon Production. Recorded at TCS Studios, Melbourne, April/May 1974. Sound Engineer: John French. Lyrics ‘Cosmic Flash’ by Sandy Harbutt. Lyrics ‘Do Not Go Gentle’ from the poem “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” by Dylan Thomas. Guitars: Billy Green. Pianos: Peter Jones. Bass: Barry Sullivan. Drums: Graham Morgan. Violas: Isabel Morse. Violin: Romano Crivici. Percussion: Geoffrey Hales. Saxes: Col Loughnan. Didgeridoo: John Matthews. Moog: Andy Cohan. Harp: Jim Conway. French Horn: Alex Grieve. Banjo: Charlie Gauld. Vocals: Doug Parkinson. Strings for ‘Cosmic Flash’ Arranged and Conducted by Peter Jones. All W.B. Music except *.
Cosmic Flash.
(Billy Green/Sandy Harbutt).
Septic. (Billy Green).
Undertaker. (Billy Green).
Race. (Billy Green).
Amanda. (Billy Green).
Klaud Kool And The Kats. (Billy Green).
(Billy Green).
Grave Diggers. (Billy Green).
The Death Of Doctor Death. (Billy Green).
Toad. (Billy Green).
Pigs. (Billy Green).
Stone. (Billy Green).
Do Not Go Gentle. (Billy Green/Dylan Thomas). (Essex Music).