Film Finance Corporation Australia presents in association with The New South Wales Film and Television Office and Showtime Australia a Suburban Mayhem Production. 2006. Director: Paul Goldman. Music: Robert Humphreys.
CD (ST) Inertia Recordings. IR5224CD. 2006.
01: My Side Of The Story.
02: Double Dare. Adalita.
03: Troubled Mind. The Buff Medways.
04: Paco Doesn't Love Me. Spazzys.
05: White Hot. Your Wedding Night.
06: Inbred Disco. Bird Blobs.
07: Sex Beat. Adalita.
08: Daddy. Magic Dirt.
09: Devil Song. Theredsunband.
10: This Is A Love Song. Little Birdy.
11: 48 Crash. Suzi Quatro.
12: The Sunshine Drive. Spazzys.
13: Sucker Love. Magic Dirt.
14: I Don't Have A Nan.
15: The Samurai Sword.
16: Danny Gets Arrested.
17: Judge Threw Away The Key.
18: Fudging Someone Else.
19: Smoking The Bong.
20: Driven To Kenny.
21: Kenny Does The Deed.
22: Goodnight Bub.
23: I Did It For You.
24: Brainwashing With Kindness.
25: My Brothers A Murderer.