A Radiant Industries Production. Director: Mick Molloy.
Songs by Gareth Skinner.
CD (ST) Shock Records. RAD 001. 1999.
01: Tackle Happy.
02: 79-81. v: Der Brains.
03: Down at the Docks.
04: Strippers. v: Registered Nurse.
05: Brisbane PA.
06: Nothing. v: bZark.
07: Night Today.
08: Spanish Fly. v: Luxedo.
09: Under the Sea.
10: The Disappointments Boogie. v: The Disappointments.
11: Tackle Happy Chorale.
12: Cha Cha Cha. v: Grand Theft Auto.
13: I Never Want to See You Again.
14: No Lines(Live). v: High Pass Filter.
15: True Believer. v: Silver Ray.
16: Train to Melbourne.