F. G. Film Productions. 1979. Director: Rod Hardy. Music: Brian May.
CD (ST) oneMone. 1M1CD1003. (AAD). 1989. On the back sleeve of “Day After Halloween” (LP Citadel. CTV 7020), there is mention by Scot Holton of their forthcoming release of “Thirst” as LP No:CTV 7023. This particular pressing never went ahead. It has also been rumoured that Varese Sarabande (USA), had issued an LP numbered VC 81141, again this never eventuated.
Music Composed and Conducted by Brian May. Recording Engineer: Roger Savage. Recorded at AAV Studios, Melbourne. Digital Mastering: Leon Zervos, EMI Studios, Sydney. (The music on the Compact Disc was originally recorded on analog equipment. Every attempt has been made to preserve, as closely as possible, the sound of the original recording, although due to the age of the tapes there is some noise.

Main Title. (3:26).
Someone’s Watching.
Full Cream Blood/The Brotherhood.
The Blood Farm.
Kate Escapes.
Vampire Ceremony.
Kate Hallucinates.
Blood Shower/Kate As A Child.
Evil Forces.
Kate Gives In.
Initiation Ceremony.
Kate Thirsts.
Dr Fraser Helps/End Titles.

LP (ST) Xozmiq. XOZ102LP. 2015. Tracks as original LP. Limited to 500 copies for Record Store Day 2015.