Tracker, The
Palm Beach Pictures, Film Finance Corporation, New South Wales Film and Television Office, Showtime Australia. 2009. Director: Shawn Seet. Composer: David Bridie.

CD (ST) Liberation Music. LMCD0042. 2009.

Number One. Custom Kings.
Step With the Pressure. Tzu.
All in On One. Gyroscope.
Two Fists One Heart Opening Theme. David Bridie.
Drowned. Tim Minchin.
Comfort You. Eskimo Joe.
The Cure &‚Äč The Cause. Fish Go Deep.
Primavera (You to Me are Everything). Marina Rei.
The Lull. David Bridie.
Right Side of Me. Lowrider.
Not Going Anywhere. Tim Minchin.
Sad. David Bridie.
Training. David Bridie.
Tzu Blues. Tzu.
Like No Other. Op25.
Unneccesarily Blue (Remix). Tzu.
One Heart. David Bridie.