Village Roadshow Pictures. 1992. Director: Wim Wenders. Music: Graeme Revell.

CD (ST) Warner Bros. (USA). WB-7599-26707-2. (AAD). 1991.

Opening Titles.
Written and Produced by Graeme Revell. Solo Cello: David Darling. Publisher: Trans Glide Music BMI. Bayakan Pygmies
appear courtesy of OCORA Radio France. “Anthologie de la Musique des Pygmees AKA”. Phonogramme C-559012-13.
Sax And Violins.
v: Talking Heads. Writers: David Byrne (Lyrics and Music). Chris Frantz, Jerry Harrison, Tina Weymouth (Music).
Produced by: Steve Lillywhite and Talking Heads. Ebgineer: Richard Mainwaring. Mixed by: Kevin Killen. Additional
Musicians: Wally Badarou - Keyboards, Brice Wassy - Percussion/Cowbells, Nino Gioia - Timbales. Wally Badarou appears
courtesy of Island Records Ltd. Publisher: Bleu Disque Music Co. Inc/Index Music admin. by WB Music Corp. ASCAP.
Talking Heads appear courtesy of: Sire Records Co.
Summer Kisses, Winter Tears.
v: Julee Cruise. Writers: J. Lloyd, B. Weissman, F. Wise. Produced by David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti.
Engineer/Mixer: Mick Guzauski. Additional Musicians: The Dave Alvin Band. Dave Alvin - Lead Guitar, Greg Leisz - Guitar
and Lap Steel Guitar, Steve Hodges - Drums, Don Falzone - Bass, Angelo Badalamenti and Eric Drew Feldman - Additional
Keyboards. Dave Alvin appears courtesy of Hightone Records. Publisher: Gladys Music ASCAP All rights on behalf of Gladys
Music administered by Chappell & Co. ASCAP. All Rights Reserved.
Move With Me (Dub).
v: Neneh Cherry. Writers: Neneh Cherry/Cameron Mcvey. Produced by: Booga Bear/Jonny Dollar. Engineer/Mixer: Jonny Dollar.
Additional Musicians: Booga Bear, Jonny Dollar - Keyboards, programming, vocals. Publisher: Virgin Music Ltd./Copyright
Control Rest Of The World: Virgin Music Ltd. BMI/Virgin Songs Inc. BMI/C. Mcvey Copyright Control BMI.
Booga Beat/Jonny Dollar appear courtesy of The Cherry Bear Organisation Ltd. Neneh Cherry appears courtesy of Virgin Records.
The Adversary.
v: Crime & The City Solution. Writers: Adams, Bonney, Haas, Hacke, Harvey, Stern. Produced by: Crime & The City Solution.
Engineer/Mixer: Ingo Krauss. Publisher: Trans Glide Music BMI. Crime & The City Solution appear courtesy of: Mute Records, Ltd.
What’s Good.
v: Lou Reed. Writer: Lou Reed. Produced by: Lou Reed and Mike Rathke. Engineer: Roger Moutenot. Mixed by: Roger Moutenot,
Lou Reed and Mike Rathke. Additional Musicians: Mike Rathke - Guitar, Rob Wasserman - Bass, Michael Blair - Drums,
Roger Moutenot, Michael Blair, Lou Reed - Background vocals. Rob Wasserman appears courtesy of GRP Records. Publisher:
Metal Machine Music Inc. adm. by Screen Gems-EMI Music Inc. BMI. Lou Reed appears courtesy of Sire Records Company.
Last Night Sleep.
v: Can. Writers: M. Mooney, J. Liebezeit, M. Karoli, I. Schmidt. Produced by: CAN. Engineer: Rene Tinner.
Mixed by: David M. Allen. Publisher: Spoon Musik/Neue Welt (Warner Chappell) GEMA. Spoon Musik Hildegard Schmidt
K.G., Witten & Neue Welt Musikverlag GMBH, Munich. All rights admin. by Warner/Chappell Music GMBH Germany,
Munich for World, US & Canada: WB Music Corp. CAN appear courtesy of: Spoon Records U.K. Ltd.
v: R.E.M. Writers: W. Berry, P. Buck, M. Mills, M. Stipe. Produced by: Scott Litt and R.E.M. Engineer/Mixer: Scott Litt.
Publisher: Night Garden Music BMI admin. world over by Unichappell Music, Inc. Additional Musicians: Kate Pierson:
Background vocals. Kate Pierson appears courtesy of Reprise Records.
v: Elvis Costello. Writer: Raymond Douglas Davies. Produced by: Elvis Costello and Kevin Killen. Engineer/Mixer: Kevin  Killen.
Publisher: ABKCO Music, Inc. and Unichappell Music, Inc. BMI/Davray Music Ltd. and Carlin Music Corp. BMI.
Claire’s Theme.
Written and Produced by Graeme Revell. Solo Cello: David Darling. Publisher: Trans Glide Music BMI. “Galkan,” Selection
from “Les Aborigines, Chants et Danses de l’Australie du Nord”. Ref. ARN 64056. Courtesy of ARION, Paris.
(I’ll Love You) Till The End Of The World.
v: Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. Writer: Nick Cave. Produced by: Gareth Jones and The Bad Seeds. Engineer/Mixer: Andre
Giere and Victor Van Vugt. Publisher: Trans Glide Music BMI. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds appear courtesy of Mute Records, Ltd.
It Takes Time.
v: Patti Smith and Fred Smith. Writers: Fred Smith and Patti Smith. Produced by: Fred Smith. Engineer: Guy Sheridan Gray.
Additional Musicians: Kasim Sulton - Bass, Hearn Gadbois - Dumbex, Percussion. Publisher: Stratium Music, Inc.
ASCAP/Druse Music, Inc. Patti Smith and Fred Smith appear courtesy of: Arista Records, Inc.
Death’s Door.
v: Depeche Mode. Writer: Martin L. Gore. Produced by: Depeche Mode. Engineer: Steve Lyon.
Publisher: Emile Music ASCAP. Depeche Mode appear courtesy of: Sire Records Company.
Love Theme.
Written and Produced by Graeme Revell. Solo Cello: David Darling. Publisher: Trans Glide Music BMI. The Bayakan Pygmies
appear courtesy of OCORA Radio France. “Anthologie de la Musique des Pygmees AKA”. Phonogramme C-559012-13.
Calling All Angels.
v: Jane Siberry with k.d. lang. Writer: Jane Siberry. Produced by: Jane Siberry. Engineer/Mixer: Michael Phillip-Wojewoda.
Additional Musicians: Ken Myhr - Guitar, Teddy Borowiecki - Piano, k.d. lang - Additional vocals, Ben Mink - Viola.
Publisher: Wing It Music SOCAN. Jane Siberry appears courtesy of: Reprise Records. k.d. lang appears courtesy of: Sire
Records Company. Some of the Saints named courtesy of Wim Wenders.
Humans From Earth.
v: T-Bone Burnett. Writer: T-Bone Burnett. Produced by: T-Bone Burnett. Engineers: Pat McCarthy and Joe Schiff.
Publisher: Arthur Buster Stahr Music admin. by Bug Music BMI. T-Bone Burnett appears courtesy of: Columbia Records.
Sleeping In The Devil’s Bed.
v: Daniel Lanois. Written by: Daniel Lanois. Produced by: Daniel Lanois. Engineer: Mark Howard. Mixed by: Mark
Howard and Daniel Lanois. Publisher: Opal Music, London SOCAN. Additional musicians: Ronald Jones - Drums,
Malcolm Bur - Keyboards, Daryl Johnson - Bass. Ronald Jones appears courtesy of Lark Records Inc.
Daniel Lanois appears courtesy of: Opal Records.
Until The End Of The World.
v: U2. Writers: U2. Produced by: Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno. Engineer: Flood. Publisher: Mother Music Ltd. Eire,
Blue Mountain Music U.K. PRS/U2. Admin. by Chappell & Co. ASCAP. U2 appears courtesy of: Island Records Ltd.
Written and Produced by: Graeme Revell. Solo Cello: David Darling. Publisher: Trans Glide Music BMI.

(1) An Australian - German - French co-production. Australian Film Finance Corporation Pty. Ltd. Road Movies Film production GmbH and Argos Films SA. Produced in association with Phanos Development.