Beyond Films Early Works and in association with The Australian Film Commission. 1995.
Director: John Hughes. Music: David Bridie and John Phillips with Helen Mounfort.
CD (ST) Icon. 19963. 1996.
* Performed by David Bridie and John Phillips with Helen Mountfort. John Philips Guitar Programming & Bilas. David Bridie Piano & Bilas. Helen Mountfort Cello. Additional Musicians: Michael Barker Drums & Percussion. David Abuiso Double Bass & Accordian. Hannah Cooper Oboe. Elizabeth Corby Viola. Emily Humphries Vocals. Recorded at Platinum Studios. Engineer Lawrence Maddy, and The Pigpen, assisted by Angelo. Mixed at Metropolis Audio by Simon Polinski, assisted by Greg O’Shea. David & John are looked after by Loud and Clear Management. Executive Album Producer Mark Bishop Mana Music. Compiled John Phillips. Mastered Martin Pullan Edensound.

Written. * (Bridie/Phillips/Mountfort). Mushroom Music.
Emrys. * (Bridie/Phillips/Mountfort). Mushroom Music.
Sorel’s Theme. * (Bridie/Phillips/). Mushroom Music.
Novella. * (Bridie/Phillips/Mountfort). Mushroom Music.
Novella II. * (Bridie/Phillips/Mountfort). Mushroom Music.
Catherine’s Letters. * (Bridie/Phillips). Mushroom Music.
Whisphering Streets. * (Bridie/Phillips). Mushroom Music.
Julsang Cantique De Noel. (Adam). Performed by Jussi Bjorling.
Novella III. * (Bridie/Phillips/Mountfort). Mushroom Music.
Emrys II. * (Bridie/Phillips/Mountfort). Mushroom Music.
Chanson Italienne. (Ravel). Performed by Shura Gehrman and Nina Walker.
Angel. (Grabowsky). Performed by Paul Grabowsky.
Chanson Italienne. (Ravel). Performed by Shelley Scown.
Falling. * (Bridie/Phillips/Barker). Mushroom Music/Control.
Winter Song. * (Bridie/Phillips/Barker). Mushroom Music/Control.
Rope. * (Bridie/Phillips). Mushroom Music.
Emrys III. * (Bridie/Phillips/Mountfort). Mushroom Music.
Still. * (Bridie/Phillips). Mushroom Music.
Roland. * (Bridie/Phillips/Mountfort). Mushroom Music.
Novella IV. * (Bridie/Phillips/Mountfort). Mushroom Music.
Love Letters. (Heyman/Young). BMG Music Publishing.
Love Letters. (Heyman/Young). BMG Music Publishing.
Performed by Julie London. Liberty/United Artists Records Inc.
Courtesy of EMI Music Australia Pty Ltd.