Brisbane TV Ltd. / Australian Television Network. 1988. Producer: Wayne Soutar.

Recording 01

CD (OP) Columbia. 467566 2. 1990. "THE AGRO ALBUM".

All songs Produced by Jamie Dunn and Adam Smalley except "Mr. Vation To You" Produced by Adam Smalley, Jamie Dunn and Jeffrey Rona. Engineer: Brent Clark. Assistant Engineer: Julian Lynch. The producers wish to thank Jack and Jenny Smalley, Will Bledsoe, Redwing, Doug and Bruce, J. Shaw and Hayley girl, Brett Johnson, George, Grace and of course the loverly Kym.

The Cow Goes Moo. (Adam Smalley/Jamie Dunn). (Weegee/d.j. Music).
Agro. (Adam Smalley/Jamie Dunn). (Weegee/d.j. Music).
It's Not Easy Being Mean. (Music: Joe Raposo. Words: Adam Smalley/Jamie Dunn). (Belinda).
Living In A Child's Dream. (Michael Bower). (Apollo).
Thong Song. (Adam Smalley/Jamie Dunn). (Weegee/d.j. Music).
Mr. Vation To You. (Words: Lee Curreri, Music: Adam Smalley/Jeff Rona). (Weegee/d.j. Music/Wet Caution/Rona). Features Otis Redding III.
You're The One. (Adam Smalley/Jamie Dunn). (Weegee/d.j. Music).
Hand Of Solid Gold. (Adam Smalley/Jamie Dunn/Adam Smalley). (Weegee/d.j. Music).
Rock And Roll Music. (Chuck Berry). (Arc). 

Recording 02
CD (OP) Columbia. 469278 2. 1991. "AGRO TOO".

Produced by Peter Blyton. Recorded at Alberts Studios, Sydney, Australia. Executive Producer: Jamie Dunn.
© 1991 Sony Music Productions Pty. Limited

Gimme Little Sign. (Smith/Hoover/Winn). (EMI Cat.).
Bad Boy. (Peter Moscos). (Image/d.j. Music).
Fatcatsfat. (M & A. Power). (d.j. Music).
Money. (Gordy/Bradford). (J. Albert & Son Pty. Ltd).
Twist And Shout. (Scott/Marlow). (Control).
Wally's Song. (J. Dunn). (Control).
Young Girl. (Pryor). (Control).
Did You Ever Wonder. (M & A. Power). (d.j. Music).
Two Good Mates. (Muirhead/Francis). (d.j. Music). Joshua. (J. Dunn). (d.j. Music). 

Recording 03
CD (OP) Columbia. 472731 2. 1992. "AGRO KIDS DANCE PARTY".

Producer: Peter Blyton. Assistant Producer/Engineer: Stephen Francis. Drum/Keyboard Programming: Michael Allen. Executive Producer: Jamie Dunn. Agro would like to thank: Peter Blyton, Bred March, Brian Ford, Andrew Hoppe, Kylie Woods, and of course Kym and the kids. Any similarity between Agro's vocal style and that of John Farnham is purely co-incidental and no correspondence will be entered into. © Brisbane TV Limited. © 1992 Sony Music Productions Pty. Limited.

I Was Made For Lovin' You. (D. Child/P. Stanley/N. Poncia). (Polygram).
Bend Me, Shape Me. (English/Weiss). (Leosong/Amcos Soc).
That's The Way I Like It. (H. W. Casey/Richard Finch). (Warner).
I Was Made For Dancin'. (M. Lloyds). (Control).
Dance To The Music. (S. Stewart). (Warner).
Mickey. (Chapmen/Chinn). (B.M.G.).
Ballroom Blitz. (Chapmen/Chinn). (B.M.G.).
Do You Love Me (Now That I Can Dance)? (B. Gordie). (EMI Songs).
Gimme Some Lovin'. (S. Winwood/M. Winwood/S. Davis). (Polygram/Warner).
Then She Kissed Me. (Spector/Greenwich/Barry). (Belinda).
Magic Carpet Ride. (G. Moreve/J. Kay). (M.C.A.).
Superfreak. (R. James/Alonzo Miller). (EMI Songs). 

Recording 04

Executive Producer: Jamie Dunn. Producers: Peter Blyton, Steve Francis. Additional Programming: Michael Allan & Michael Bartolomei. With special thanks to Truetone Productions & Jenny Forbes.

CD 1:
Shaddap You Face (Operatic version). (J. Dolce). Operatic male vocal: Ron Lees.
Little Red Riding Hood.
The Monster Mash. (B. Pickett).
Yakety Yak. (Leiber/Stoller).
Dead Skunk. (L. Wainwright III).
Witch Doctor. (Bagdasarian).
The Purple People Eater. (Wooley).
Alley Oop. (Frazier).
Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour On The Bedpost Overnight. (Donegan).
Cinderella Rockafella. (Proir).
I'm An Individual.
Gimme Dat Ding. (Hammond/Hazelwood).
Rockin' Robin. (Thomas).
Who Put The Bomp. (Mann).
CD 2:
Rubber Ducky. (J. Moss).
Puppet On A String. (S. Tepper/R. Bennett).
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. (P. Vance/L. Pokcriss).
Running Bear. (J. P. Richardson).
They're Coming To Take Me Away. (J. Samuels).
Speedy Gonzales. (Kaye/Hess/Lee).
Agro Where's Your Trousers.
Sweet Pea. (Roe).
Hello Muddah Hello Fadduh. (A. Sherman).
My Old Man's A Dustman. (Donegan/Buckanan).
Lord It's Hard To Be Humble. (Davis).
Bad To The Bone. (Thorogood).
Spiders And Snakes. (Stafford).
Shaddap You Face. (J. Dolce).