Crawford Productions / Nine Network. 3 x 120mins (Mini-series). 26 x 60mins (Series). 1988.
Creator: Terry Stapleton. Producer: Brendon Lunney.
Directors: Ric Pellizzeri (Ep 1). Chris Adshead (Ep 2). Brendan Maher (Ep 3).

Record 01
LP (ST) CBS. 463256-1. 1988.

Music Arranged and Produced by Ashley Irwin. * Orchestrated by Daniel Denholm. All (Kiparra). © 1988 Plaits Records.

All The Way. (3:05). (Irwin/Chambers). v: Pete Chambers.
Eyes In The Night. (3:01). (Irwin/McCarthy). v: Rick Price, Marty Irwin.
Reputation. (3:36). (Irwin/Chambers). v: Bridget O'Donohue.
There's A Change Blowin' In ("The Protest Song"). (2:04).
(Irwin/Chambers). v: Dylan Roberts.
Be Mine Tonight. (3:03). (Irwin/Chambers). v: The Lindfields.
Save Your Love For Me. * (3:21). (Irwin/Chambers). v: Dusty White.
You're The One. (2:30). (Irwin/Chambers). v: Graham Matters.
Love Me Now & Forever. (3:19). (Irwin/McCarthy). v: Bill Marks.
My Boy Guy. (2:24). (Irwin/Chambers). v: The Moy Sisters.
Flippity Flop. (1:59). (Irwin/Chambers). v: Bing Martin.
New Attraction. (2:39). (Irwin/Chambers). v: P. J. Johnstone.
When Hearts Are Blue. (2:46). (Irwin/Chambers). v: Peter& John.
Wa Do Wa Da. (2:43). (Irwin/Chambers). v: Bob Jones.
Moonwalk. (2:56). (Irwin/Chambers). v: Ferdie Free & The Ferds.
It's Over. (2:47). (Irwin/Chambers). v: Graham Matters.

Record 02
45 (ST) CBS. 653196 7. 1988. (Picture sleeve).
Side a: "All The Way". (3:05). (Irwin/Chambers). (Kiparra). v: Pete Chambers.
Recorded by: Joe Arthur. Mixed by: Pete Chambers. Produced by Ashley Irwin. © 1988 Plaits Records.
Side b: "Moonwalk".
(Irwin). (Kiparra). Ferdie Free & The Ferds.
Engineered & mixed by Joe Arthur. Produced by Ashley Irwin. © 1988 Plaits Records. 

Record 03
45 (ST) Plaits. PL7-8801. 1988. (Picture sleeve). Produced by Ashley Irwin. © Plaits Records 1988
Side a: "All The Way". (Irwin/Chambers). (Kiparra). v: Pete Chambers.
Side b: "Eyes In The Night". (Irwin/McCarthy). (Kiparra). v: Ferdie Free and the Ferds.