ABC Television. 1983. Producer/Director: John Eastway. Theme Music: Stephen Blackburn.


2CA (ST) ABC Audio. ISBN 0642-179-49-2. 1983. "AUSTRALIAN STORY".

All tracks (Blackburn, Kenneally). (Idiots In Business). Producer: Rod Quantock. Tim and Debbie applaud the following amazing people for being supportive Helen Patullo audio engineer for complete album at AAV Australia. Ian MacKenzie for music recording at Platinum Studios. Dave Douglas for live recording. George Worontschak for studio recording. Idiots In Business Pty. Ltd for finance. Tim and Debbie owned by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation kourtesy of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Chris Williams for recognising genius when she heard it. Noel Price for being intelligent. John Eastway for preproduction workshop. Heather Ferrier of trotters for culinary research. Caroline Scott on typekeys. roomKlearerS thank Maurie Sheldon for amazing bass, Ron Sandilands for skins. Ron Anderson for Cath's sax instruction. Tony Naylor for excellent axe. Rozzi Bazzani & Branda Horin for backing incantationalising. Kevin Hocking keyboards and musical anarchist. Chris Boniface musical producer of chaos out of order.

CA1 - SIDE 1:
The Underwoods of Riveren.
(Terry and John Underwood).
Cecilia and Justin. (Cecilia McNally and Justin Le Blond).
Kerry's Baby. (Kerry Lawson).
CA1 - SIDE 2:
A Soldier's Journey. (Sir William Keys).
The Nun's Story. (Sr Ella Williams).
A Woman's Place. (Mary Kalantzis).
CA2 - SIDE 1:
A League of His Own. (Ken Cowley).
Medicine Man. (Prof. Miles Little & Belinda Walsh).
CA2 - SIDE 2:
A Surgeon's Story. (Dr. Bryan Walpole).
The Chant of Tommy Lewis. (Tommy Lewis).
Twilight Rebel. (Harry Reade).