SBS Televison and Online Australia in association with Screen Australia and in association with Film Victoria, Big and Little Films and Camp Sugar. 2008.
Producers: Michael McMahon, Tony Ayres, Rebel Wilson. Director: Peter Templeman.


CD (ST) Universal. 1792621. 2008.

01: Bogan Pride (Titles Theme).
02: Welcome To Boonelg.
03: The Pancake Song.
04: Boom Chicka Boom.
05: Parachute Of Healing.
06: Please Tell Me.
07: Working Girl.
08: Lunch In The Library.
09: Maths Olympiad.
10: Ooh Baby Baby.
11: Fugly Girls Can't Dance.
12: Library Reprise.
13: I Need A Mong.
14: (An Awkward Interlude).
15: Shout It Out Loud!
16: Needle In Your Haystack.
17: Mong Swing.
18: Maths Olympiad (Electro Mix).
19: Bogan Pride.