Seven Network. 1993. Producer: Peter Van Den Hoorn.

CD 01

CD (ST) 7/Polygram. Book 2. 1993. "THE BOOK PLACE ALBUM".

Executive Producer: Kym Dellow. Produced by Phil Cunneen and Andy Armstrong. Engineered by James Clark. Second Engineer: Nick Burton at Rivetts Recording Studios, Adelaide - October 1993. Piano Sequencing and Arrangements, Harmonies - Phil Cunneen. Vocals, Accoustic Guitar - Andy Armstrong. Extra Vocals - Lynn Weston, Brenton Whittle, Mike Scheid. Mandolin - Kym Warner. Banjo - Trev Warner. Fiddle - Hugh Gordon. Bass - Sandy Klose. Accoustic Guitar - Larry Golder. Brushes - Steve Todd. Piccolo - Liza Cheshire. Violin - Brian Porter. The Adelaide (Book Place) Girls' Choir - Emily Armstrong, Llora Candetti, Katherine Coope, Gemma Dack, Naomi Duke, Elisha Hillan, Amelia Hosking, Jenny Nguyen, Leanne Shayler, Nicole Stoupos, Victoria Unwin, Emma Weston, Celia Witton. All Songs Written by Andy Armstrong, Published by Janssongs, except "Furry Bear" Lyrics by A. A. Milne. Music by A. Armstrong, "Prehistoric Animal Brigade" by M. L. Reeve, by E. Jones, Fable Music and "Welcome" by Peter Van Den Hoorn, Janssongs. This album is dedicated to the memory of Kay Parsons and Tony Mildren.

Book Place Theme.
Shang Wang Doodle.
Imagine II.
The Frog Song.
Pop That Bubble.
Furry Bear.
No More Bubblegum.
Prehistoric Animal Brigade.
Dinosaur Bones.
It's Late, I'm Sleepy.
The Yucketty - Poo Song.
Old King Cole.
In The Jungle.
A Nose Knows.
Bookworm's Tale.
Dreamtime Song.
Pelican Bill.
The Great Australian Dance.
The Marsupial March.
Willie The Wombat.
The Great Australian Bush Is Like A Great Big Zoo.
Chocolate Crackles.
Penguin Pingu.

CD 02

CD (OP) 7/EMI. 8319492. 1994. "THE BOOK PLACE CLASSICS".

Executive Producer: Kym Dellow. Produced by Phil Cunneen and Andy Armstrong. Engineered by: James Clark and Nick Burton at Rivetts Recording Studios, Adelaide - October 1994. Sequencing tracks - 5, 6, 8, 9, 12, 15, 16 Phil Cunneen. Sequencing tracks - 1, 2, 4, 13 Sean Timms. Bass Violin - Steve Fleming. Drums - Steve Todd. Guitar - Steve Wilson. Piano Guitar - Phil Cunneen. Vocals: Andy Armstrong, Mike Scheid as the Book Worm, Brenton Whittle, Lynn Weston.

Octopus's Garden. (Starkey). (Starting Music).
Yellow Submarine. (Lennon/McCartney). (Northern Songs).
Purple People Eater. (Sheb Wooley).
Teddy Bears' Picnic. (Bratten/Kennedy). (Allans).
There Was A Crooked Man. (Trad. Armstrong). (MCA Music).
Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater. (Trad. Armstrong). (MCA Music).
Twinkle Twinkle Chocolate Bar. (Trad. Armstrong). (Polygram Music).
Mary Had A Little Lamb. (Trad. Armstrong). (Polygram Music).
Cock A Doodle Doo. (Trad. Armstrong). (MCA Music).
Betty Botter. (Trad. Armstrong). (Polygram Music).
The Owl And The Pussy Cat. (Public Domain/Armstrong). (MCA Music).
The House That Jack Built. (Trad. Armstrong). (Polygram Music).
Pat A Cake, Pat A Cat. (Trad. Armstrong). (Polygram Music).
Miss Polly Had A Dolly. (Trad. Armstrong). (MCA Music).
Tie Me Kangaroo Down. (Harris). (Castle Music).
Going On A Bear Hunt. (Trad. Armstrong). (Polygram Music).
The Three Pigs' Rap. (Armstrong). (Polygram Music).
Old McDonald Had A Farm. (Trad. Armstrong). (Polygram Music).
The Ants Were Marching. (Trad. Armstrong). (Polygram Music).
Sing A Rainbow. (Hamilton). (Chappel & Co.).