Nine Network. 2008. Executive Producer: Jo Horsburgh. Composer: Al Harding.
CD (ST) Shock Records. CTX409CD. 2008.
01: Canal Rd Theme. Al Harding.
02: Motive. Aura.
03: Dirty Thoughts. CC Martini.
04: Put Yourself in My Shoes. Celebrity Drug Disasters.
05: 25 Bad Days. Christine Kasaboff & Gary Kee.
06: Hotbox. Celebrity Frug Disaster.
07: Piece of Alright. Aura.
08: Scrood Bi U. Lords of Acid.
09: Dirty Little Secret. The Devilrock 4.
10: Supernatural. The Bellows.
11: Bound By Hurt Dissolved. Love Outside Andromeda.
12: I See You. CC Martini.
13: Look Up. Toni Collette & The Finish.
14: Beautiful Excuse. Melanie Horsnell.
15: For Angel. All India Radio featuring Chloe Hall.
16: Where the Darkness Grows. Anne McCue.
17: Mosaic Life. Toni Collette.
18: Sometimes. Melanie Horsnell.
19: Melody of Life. Rickie-Lee.
20: Where Are You Now. Big Spaceship.
21: Falling in Love Again. Chloe Hall.