ABC Television. 1996. Producer: Damian Davis.


CD (OP) ABC. 7243 4 89856 2 0. 1996. "TURPS IS THE TALK OF THE TOWN".

All vocals: Ian Turpie. Featuring The Club Buggery Band and The Nissan Cedrics. Produced and Arranged by Jamie Rigg. Recorded and Mixed at Hullabaloo Studios, Sydney. Engineer: Glenn Heaton. Assistant Engineer: Daniel Bowers. Special Horn Arrangements: Paul Thorne.

Love Potion No 9. (2:53). (Leiber/Stoller). (Warner Chappell).
(2:33). (Porter). (Warner Chappell). With John Paul Young.
Gimme That Wine.
(3:38). (Hendricks). (Campbell Connelly).
Me And Mrs Jones.
(3:08). (Gamble/Gilbert/Huss). (Warner Chappell).
Nessun Dorma.
(2:59). (Puccini/Adami/Simoni). (Boosey and Hawkes). With Sergei Baigildin.
Walk A Mile.
(4:17). (South). (BMG). With Dave Graney.
You Don't Know Me.
(3:21). (Arnold/Walker). (Albert).
(3:27). (Morrison). (Warner Chappell).
Crying Time.
(3:10). (Owens). (Belinda). With Jane Scali.
Minnie The Moocher.
(3:14). (Calloway/Gaskill/Mills). (Albert).
I Love Your Head.
(3:14). (Doyle/Rigg). (Control).
Pub With No Beer.
(4:06). (Dusty). (EMI).