Media Arts Corporation Pty. Ltd / Channel Ten Network. 1988. Producer: Ian McFadyen.


LP (ST) CBS. 462994 1. Gatefold. (CA/CD 462994 2/4). 1988. "THE COMEDY COMPANY ALBUM".

* Produced by Greg Sneddon. Engineered by Phil Butson. ** Produced by Robyn Smith. Engineered by Sid Wells. Re-mixed by Ian MacKenzie. *** Produced by Colin Hay. Assisted by Greg Ham. Compiled by Brian Laurence, AAV Studios. All (Comedy Company) (Media Arts Pty. Ltd.) unless otherwise shown.

Kylie Mole: Being Dropped.
Kylie Mole: I Go I Go. * (Music: Greg Sneddon, Lyrics: Ian McFadyen and Doug Macleod). (Chappell/Media Arts).
Colin Carpenter: At The CES.
The Language Of Football.
The Typists: Getting Married.
David Rabbitborough: The Office Desk.
Uncle Arthur's Song: Row Row Row Your Boat.
Bedscene: You're Going Off Me.
Con The Fruiterer: Rouls's Birthday.
Kylie Mole: The Student Teacher.
Kylie Mole: So Excellent. ** (R. Smith, I. McFadyen, D. Macleod). (MCA/Media Arts).
Colin Carpenter: The Car.
The Language Of Seduction.
Drive Time Aerobics. (MCA/Media Arts).
Your Mother's Greatest Hits.
NBC News.
David Rabbitborough: The Handbag.
Shop Assistant School.
Bedscene: We Never Talk.
Con The Fruiterer: A Cuppla Days. *** (C. Hay, G. Ham). (SBK Songs/Control).


LP (ST) CBS. 466119 1. (CA/CD 466119 2/4). 1989. "COMEDY COMPANY CLASSICS".
All songs published by Media Arts. Sound Engineer: Rob Saunders. Music Produced by Rob Menzies.

Wildman. (Ian McFadyen/Michael Molloy/Jason Stephens).
Colin. "Giving Evidence". (Ian McFadyen/Doug Macleod/Kim Gyngell/Rod Menzies).
Jophesine. "The Chicken". (Maryanne Fahey).
Wildman: "The Phone". (Ian McFadyen/Michael Molloy/Jason Stephens).
Two Dogs: "Sex". (Ian McFadyen/Doug MacLeod/Rob Menzies/Michael Molloy/Jason Stephens).
Bedscene: "Home Late". (Maryanne Fahey/Ian McFadyen).
Colin Carpenter Song. "I Was Too Young". (Doug MacLeod/Rob Menzies).
Wildman. (Ian McFadyen/Michael Molloy/Jason Stephens).
Mother & Baby. (Maryanne Fahey/Ian McFadyen).
Come Here For One Minute. (Ian McFadyen/Glenn Robbins).
Kylie: "At Grandma's". (Maryanne Fahey).
Con: "The Maternity Ward". (Doug MacLeod/Peter Herbert).
Wildman's Contests. (Ian McFadyen/Michael Molloy/Jason Stephens).
Colin: "Christmas". (Ian McFadyen).
Bedscene: "The Stump". (Maryanne Fahey/Ian McFadyen).
Postie: "The Phone Bill". (Ian McFadyen/Russell Gilbert).
Marika Song: "I No Complain". (Rob Menzies/Doug MacLeod).
Uncle Arthur: "Storytime". (Ian McFadyen/Glenn Robbins).


45 (OP) CBS. 653028 7. 1988. (Gatefold, picture sleeve). "KYLIE MOLE".

Side a: "So Excellent". (Robyn Smith/Ian McFadyen/Doug Macleod). (MCA/Control). v: Kylie Mole. Produced by Robyn Smith. Engineered by Sid Wells.
Side b: "I Go I Go".
(Greg Sneddon/Ian McFadyen/Doug Macleod). (Chappell/Control). v: Kylie Mole. Produced by Greg Sneddon. Engineered by Phil Butson.