ABC Television. 1995. Director: Lindsay Frazer.


CD (ST) ABC. 4798132/4. 1995. Compiled at Festival Studios, Sydney.

Doesn't Everybody Want A Golden Guitar Theme. (2:05). (Watson). (Control). Performed by Colin Watson.
Big Time Country Star. (3:42). (Minson/Haynes/Jenkins/Steel/Pokorny/Gordon/Henderson). (Control/Matthews). v: Hired Hands.
Life In A Small Town (from Stranger To Your Heart). (4:45). (Ford). (Festival). v: Jane Saunders.
Woolloomooloo Lair (from So Far). (3:14). (Trad, Arr: Slocum/Wositzky/Newton). (Image). v: The Bushwackers.
Don't Let His Dreaming Die. (5:09). (Law). (The Music Laundry/Polygram). v: Wayne Law.
Yodelling Cowgirl. (2:46). (Carter). (Control). v: Angela Hayden.
Silver Bullet (from Hard Times). (3:00). (Buchanan). (Rondor). v: Colin Buchanan.
Men (from The Flame). (3:35). (Byrne/Schulman). (EMI). v: Gina Jeffreys and Tania Maree Kernghan.
Take Me Home The Long Way. (3:02). (Cole). (The Music Laundry/Polygram). v: Beccy Cole.
Ain't Life Wonderful. (4:18). (Commbes/McCallum). (Larrikin). v: Shot To Pieces.
Leave Him In The Longyard (from Three Chain Road). (3:15). (K & M Dixon/Dusty). (Dixon/Slim Dusty Enterprises). v: Lee Kernaghan.
Murrumbidgee Man. (3:34). (England/Hawk). (Control). v: Reg Lindsay.
Songs From The Homeland. (4:16). (Connors). (Panama Music Co/Rondor Music). v: Graeme Connors.
My Blue Guitar. (3:46). (Bristow). (Control). v: Jackie Bristow.
Big Time Country Star. (3:42). (Minson/Haynes/Jenkins/Steel/Pokorny/Gordon/Henderson). (Control/Matthews). v: Hired Hands.