ABC Television. 1979. Producers: Jon Stephens, Harvey Shore.


LP (ST) ABC. ABCL 8005. 1980.

Album Produced by William Motzing. Recording Engineer: Yossi Gabbay. Arranged and Conducted by William Motzing. Earth Watchers: Rodney Bell, Nerida Clark, Jayson Duncan, Angela Gauci, Tim Grogan, Teresa Gutierrez, Marianne Howard, Marty Irwin, Martin Lewis, Adrian McLeod, Heidi Maguire, Simon Major, Eileen Mathews, Victoria Mielewska, Craig Morrison. All (Control).

Earth Watch Theme. (0:43). (B. Mackness). v: Earth Watchers.
Fossil Rock. (2:22). (B. Mackness). v: Eileen Mathews.
No Petrol. (2:12). (J. Griffin). v: Craig Morrison.
Cry Baby Seal. (3:24). (J. Mortimer). v: Marianne Howard, Heidi Maguire.
Litterman. (4:16). (B. Mackness). v: Jon Stephens.
That Old Fashioned Adaptability. (3:11). (B. Mackness). v: Tim Grogan.
Calling Spaceship Earth. (2:58). (B. Mackness). v: Marty Irwin.
Crab Crawl. (3:32). v: Heidi Maguire.
Time For Change. (3:45). v: Victoria Mielewska.
Living Better With Less. (2:34). v: Earth Watchers.
Your Home. (3:15). v: Nerida Clark.
Barnacle Song. (2:13). v: Marty Irwin.
I'm Decomposing. (3:07). v: Rodney Bell.
Batfish Boogie. (2:35). v: Marianne Howard.
Earth Watch Closing Theme. (1:15).v: Earth Watchers.