Crawford Productions / Nine Network. 227 x 60mins. 1986-91.


CD (ST) oneMone. 1M1CD1015. (ADD). 1992.

Music Composed and Arranged by Garry McDonald and Laurie Stone. Orchestra Conducted by Garry McDonald. Orchestra Leader - Theodore Lazaroff. Executive Music Producer: Ian Crawford. Original Recording Produced and Mixed by Laurie Stone. All keyboards Performed by Laurie Stone. Recorded at Starsound Studios, Brisbane, Australia. Digital Mastering and Editing: Grevillea Studios. Engineer: Bruce Jacobsen. Music Librarian and Contractor: Jennifer Clark. Compact disc Produced by the Music Department and Philip Powers. Digital Mastering: Meredith Brooks, Sony Mastering, Sydney.

The Flying Doctors. (1:24).
Geoff And Kate. (2:38).
Situation Critical. (2:41).
Requiem For A Child. (2:12).
The Rodeo. (1:20).
Tom Says Goodbye. (2:33).
Mayday! (2:01).
Vic Goes To Town. (0:52).
The Tender Side. (2:20).
Homeward Bound. (1:07).
Rowie's Secret. (1:43).
Malfunction. (1:38).
Pensive Violet. (1:05).
Tom And Chris. (1:30).
Go Johnno! (1:36).
Race Against Time. (1:44).
More Than Friends. (2:20).
Mercy Dash. (2:45).
Way Out West. (1:02).
Leaving Town. (2:16).
Flight Over Coopers Crossing. (1:15).
Farewell Chris. (2:22).
Danger From Within. (1:52).
A Bad Day. (1:43).
Round-up. (1:15).
Liz From New York. (1:33).
Storm Front. (1:45).
Echoes From Yesterday. (2:01).
Jackie And Guy. (1:04).
Melbourne Connection. (1:18).
Nomad In Trouble. (1:15).
Life And Death. (2:05).
Runaway Truck. (1:44).
The Reunion. (1:08).