ABC Television. 1983. Producer: Jacqui Culliton.


LP (ST) ABC. L-38221. 1984.

Musical Director, Conductor and Arranger - William Motzing. Album Production: Chris Boniface. Sound Engineers: Side A: John Segal. Side B: Warick Maver, Brendan Frost, Peter Thorpe, Mark Russell. * Arranged by Neil Thurgate. The Musicians: Orchestra Leader Bob Ingram MBE. Strings - Courtesy of Ingram Music Enterprises. Drums - Andy Evans. Bass - Dave Ellis. Percussion - Michael Hall. Piano - Michael Tyak. Acoustic Guitar - Paul Baker. Trumpet - Dick Montz, Steve Williams, Mike Cleary. Trombone - Bob McIvor, Peter Horton. Clarinet Flute - Brent Stanton, Greg Mayson. Clarinet - Don Wright, Tom Sparkes. Extra Vocals - Kerrie Biddell. Album Compiled by David Hayes.

SIDE 1: "Music from the Show".
Moonooloo Overture - Instrumental. (1:40). (Stoneham - Degaris). (Chappell).
Ginger Meggs. (2:16). (O'Hagan). v: Jacki Weaver. (Davis).
In Your Green Hat. (1:31). (M. Ager - J. Yellen). v: David Atkins. (Allans).
Oh! Sydney I Love You. (2:05). (S. McCleod). v: Jacki Weaver, Henry Szeps. (Control).
Moonooloo. (1:10). (Stoneham - Degaris). v: Jacki Weaver, David Atkins. (Chappell).
Big Bridge Blues. (3:59). (J. Trickett). v: Jacki Weaver and Chorus. (Southern).
Mr. Depression. (Regan - See). v: Henry Szeps and Mens Chorus. (Control).
Banish The Budget Blues. (2:30). (J. Lumsdaine). v: Henry Szeps. (Davis).
The Snake Gully Swagger. * (2:03). (O'Hagan). v: Robyn Moase. (Allans).
You're Out Of My Mind. (2:39). (E. Davidson - D. Smith). v: David Atkins. (Southern).
Finale: Medley: (2:19).
Ginger Meggs. (O'Hagan). Full cast. (Davis).
Just A Little Ginger Headed Fella. (M. Brett). v: Full cast. (Chappell).
SIDE 2: "Music from the Period".
Moonooloo. (3:58). (Stoneham - Degaris). v: Jacki Weaver. (Chappell).
The Night You Went Away. (3:11). (Dudley - Messenger). v: Jacki Weaver. (Control).
Bobbed Or Shingled. (3:14). (Weston - Lee). v: Jacki Weaver. (Castle).
Coolangatta Moon. (2:10). (E. Leadbeater). v: Jacki Weaver. (Southern).
Kingsford Smith. (2:42). (O'Hagan). v: Jacki Weaver. (Allans).