Beyond Simpson Le Mesurier in association with the Nine Network Australia. 1998.
Producers: Roger Simpson, Roger Le Mesurier, Ros Tatarka, John Wild. Music: Various.


CD. Icon. CD 19981. 1998.

Recorded by Scott Taylor on location. Produced by Owen Reynolds and Scott Taylor. Mastered by Rick O'Neil at Turtlerock Studio, Sydney.

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02: SURF CITY LIMITS. (The Fauves). Black Pig/Polygram Music Publishing. v: The Fauves. Courtesy of Polydor Australia.
03: ANATOMICALLY CORRECT. (Custard). Polygram Music Publishing. v: Custard. Courtesy of BMG Australia. 1996 Ra Records.
04: INTO MY ARMS. (N. Cave). Polygram Music Publishing. v: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Courtesy of Mute/Liberation Records.
05: ALWAYS. (The Mercy Bell). Control. v: The Mercy Bell. Courtesy of Polydor Australia.
06: BUY NOW PAY LATER (CHARLIENO.2). (T. Freedman). Phantom E.S.P. v: The Whitlams. Courtesy of Black Yak/Phantom Records.
07: WICKERMAN'S SHOES. (Hot Rollers). Control. v: Hot Rollers. Courtesy of Polydor Australia.
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