ATV Channel 0 Melbourne. 1970. Producer: Lesley Shaw.


LP (OP) Festival. SR66-9812. 1971. "SUPER SOUNDS OF HAPPENING 71".
A Lewis/Young Production.

Hello. (2:25).(Young). v: Normie Rowe. (Morris).
Its A Sunny Day. (2:26).(Young). v: Johnny Young. (Morris).
Love Me Again. (2:52).(Dunnin). v: Town Criers. (Control).
Teeny Bopper (Little Queenie). (2:55).(Berry). v: Issi Dy. (Jewel).
The Star. (3:29).(Young). v: Ross D. Wyllie. (Morris).
Bicycle Song. (3:45). (Arr: Rose). v: Lionel Rose. (Festival).
Cottonfields. (3:35).(Ledbetter). v: Rodney Jay. (Essex).
My Little Girl. (3:20).(Young). v: Ross D. Wyllie. (Morris).
Crying In The Rain. (2:07).
(Greenfield - King). v: Trevor Spry. (Screen Gems).
Home To Stay. (3:00).
(Rowe). v: Normie Rowe. (Festival).
Funny Man. (3:00).
(Stevens). v: Ross D. Wyllie. (Woomera).
I Am The World. (3:00).
(Gibb). v: Johnny Young. (Penjane).
Old Pinto. (2:28).
(R. Rose). v: Lionel Rose. (Festival).
Honey Bee. (1:35).
(Young). v: Issi Dy. (Morris).
Living In A World Of Love. (2:50).
(Dunnin). v: Town Criers. (Angle).
Please Remember Me. (3:19).
(Young). v: Lionel Rose. (Morris).