Somers Carroll / Nine Network. x120m. 1971-99.

LP 01

LP (OP) Hammard. HAM-005. Gatefold. "HEY! HEY! IT'S DARYL & OSSIE".

Written and Produced by Daryl Somers and Ernie Carrol. Engineers: Bruce Adderley & Murray Tregonning. Special Effects: Murray Tregonning. Additional Character Voices: Daryl Somers & John Blackman. Arranger & Musical Director: Doug Trevor. Margot Sheridan Junior Chorus. Recorded at Bruce Adderley Sound Studios.

Pedro The Donkey. (G. Somers). (Castle).
The Truth About Goldilocks And The Three Bears (Here Comes Ossie Ostrich). (Sheridan - Carroll). (Control).
Gonna Be An Engineer. (L. Hesterman). (Castle).
Jungle Safari.
Purple People Eater. (Sheb Woolley). (Chappell).
Little Red Riding Hood And The Sound Effects Machine (Including We Love You Ossie). (G. Somers). (Castle).
I Love Mickey Mouse. (L. Hesterman). (Castle).
Division Saturday.
Country Radio (Including - The Dog Sits On The Tucker Box 5 Miles From Gundagai). (J. O'Hagan). (Allans).
Along The Road To Gundagai. (J. O'Hagan). (Allans).
Click Go The Shears. (Traditional).
Puff The Magic Dragon. (Yarrow - Lipton). (Essex).
Happy Birthday. (Traditional).

LP 02

LP (OP) Hammard. HAM-013. 1976. Gatefold.

Written and Produced by Daryl Somers and Ernie Carroll. Engineered by Bruce Adderley. Special Effects: Murray Tregonning. Additional Character Voices: Daryl Somers, John Blackman. Arranger and Musical Director: Doug Trevor. Margot Sheridan Junior Chorus. Recorded at Bruce Adderley Sound Studios.

Daryl Can, Ossie Can. (2:34). (L. Hesterman). (Castle).
The Pirates' Treasure (Or Voyage To The Bottom Of The Bay). (8:51).
Walkin' In The Sunshine. (3:00). (R. Miller). (Essex).
The Truth About Jack And The Beanstalk (Or Look Mum No Hands). (8:57).
Including Baked Bean Blues. (1:34). (L. Hesterman). (Castle).
Rock A Bye Baby. (0:17). (Trad.).
Fred, Alias Superfly. (4:08).
Being Pink. (2:00). (G. & D. Somers). (Castle).
Storyland Newsbeat. (4:40).
Sing. (3:34). (Joe Raposo). (Belinda).
Three Little Pigs (Or Coming To Blows With A Wolf). (6:32).
Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour On The Bedpost Overnight? (2:28). (W. Rose - M. Bloom). (Albert).

LP 03

LP (ST) Hammard. HAM 186. (CA CAS HAM 186). 1988.

Maurie Fields and Shane Bourne. Complied by The Terrace Audio Productions Pty. Ltd. Engineered by Helen Patullo. Assistant Producer: Suzee Robin. Maurie Fields and Shane Bourne appear by arrangement with D.A.S. Entertainment Pty. Ltd.

The Telegram. v: Shane.
Vacuum Salesman. v: Shane.
Piggyback. v: Maurie.
Fingers. v: Shane.
The Teacher. v: Shane.
The Drunk And The Elephant. v: Maurie.
The Drover's Dog. v: Shane.
Bath Survey. v: Maurie.
Australia Post. v: Maurie.
The Clothesline. v: Shane.
What's Your Name? v: Shane.
The Five Ton Truck. v: Maurie.
The Gorilla And The Lion. v: Shane.
The Barmaid. v: Maurie.
Ring Back In 10 Mins. v: Shane.
Snakes. v: Shane.
Kids On Horses. v: Maurie.
The Three Hut Island. v: Shane.
The T-Model, The Porsche & The Ferrari. v: Maurie.
The Quiz. v: Maurie.
The Queen Of Egypt. v: Shane.
Keep Pedalling. v: Maurie.
The Army Hospital. v: Shane.
The Smartest Man In Australia. v: Maurie.
The Male Sexuality Survey. v: Shane.
The Opening Batsman. v: Maurie.
Two Caterpillars. v: Shane.
The Three Legged Chook. v: Shane.
How Big Is Your Property? v: Maurie.
Hey Hey It's Saturday Goes To Heaven. v: Shane.
The Black Horse. v: Maurie.
Thanks Donkey. v: Shane.
Warrick Capper. v: Shane.
The Maternity Hospital. v: Maurie.
Three Men In Heaven. v: Shane.
Explain Yourself. v: Shane.
The Diagnosis. v: Shane.
The Country Club. v: Maurie.
Monk It Up! v: Shane.
King Of The Jungle. v: Shane.
The Farmer. v: Maurie.
The Fancydress Cow. v: Shane.
The Golf Game. v: Maurie.
The Bald Man. v: Shane.
Penguins. v: Shane.
The Jewish Flat Hunter. v: Maurie.
Fluffy The Cat. v: Shane.
Three Men And A Firing Squad. v: Maurie.
David Jones Menswear Dept. v: Shane.
Half A Lettuce! v: Shane.
The Pet. v: Maurie.
At The Movies. v: Shane.
The Freezer. v: Maurie.
E.D.K.T.M. v: Shane.
Old School Friends. v: Maurie.
A Man On The Sun. v: Shane.
Sulphuric Acid. v: Maurie.
Geronimo! v: Shane.
God Will Save Me. v: Maurie.
Private Johnson. v: Shane.

CD 01

CD (OP) Columbia. 481442 2. 1996. "HEY HEY IT'S SATURDAY - 19 HITS AND ONE DOG!".

If I Only Knew. (Rise/Robots/Rise). (MCA/Control). v: Tom Jones.
Chains. (Tina Arena/Steve Werfel/Pam Reswick). (Standard). v: Tina Arena.
Party. (C. Anu/D. Bridie). (Mushroom). v: Christine Anu.
It's Alright. (Green/Lewis). (BMG). v: Deni Hines.
Let's Groove. (M. White/W. Vaughan). (EMI Songs/Campbell). v: CDB.
Mysterious Girl. (P. Andre/O. Jacobs/P. Jacobs/G. Goldsmith/Bobala). (MCA/Mushroom). v: Peter Andre.
Think Twice. (A. Hill/P. Sinfield). (Warner/EMI Virgin). v: Celine Dion.
Talk Of The Town. (S. Howard). (BMG, 1994 BMG Australia Limited). v: John Farnham.
You Gotta Be. (Des'ree/Ashley Ingram). (Sony Music Publishing/BMG). v: Des'ree.
Confide In Me. (Anderson/Seaman/Barton). (BMG/MCA/MMA). v: Kylie Minogue.
It's Alright. (A. Mortimer). (PolyGram, 1992 London Records Ltd.). v: East 17.
I Know. (Milton Davis/William DuVall). (Sony Music Publishing). v: Dionne Farris.
Pray. (G. Barlow). (EMI Virgin). v: Take That.
Change. (A. Jolly/B. Harris/M. Jolly). (MCA). v: Kate Ceberano.
Coma. (Max Sharam). (EMI Music, 1995 Warner Music Australia Pty Limited). v: Max Sharam.
Living Thing. (M. Spiby). (Mushroom). v: The Badloves.
When A Man Loves A Woman. (C. Lewis/A. Wright). (Warner). v: Michael Bolton.
Under The Water. (Bainbridge/Bolwell/Paulzen). (Sapphire/Control, 1995 Gotham Multimedia). v: Merril Bainbridge.
The Hunt. (Tommy Emmanuel). (MCA/Gilbey). Performed by Tommy Emmanuel.
The Dog.