ABC. 2010. Executive Producer: Amanda Higgs. Original Music: Piers Burbrook de Vere & Jeremy Yang.


CD (ST) ABC. 2737052. 2010.

Pills. The Mess Hall.
Limited Invitation. The Little Ponies.
Give It To Me. Boy Crazy Stacey.
My Brother’s Room. Tim Rogers.
Alive. Rocket Science.
Pauly. Laura Imbruglia.
Escape From Tomorrow Today. The City Lights.
Abigail. Jasper Taylor.
Annabelle. The Wanton Boys.
House Party. The Little Ponies.
Tried and Failed. Boy Crazy Stacey.
Not a Prisoner. Akimbo.
No Book Is A Bible. Boy Crazy Stacey.
He Is All I Need. Goodspeed.
Catch & Kiss. Boy Crazy Stacey.
Feels Like Grace. Red Riders.
Get Ready To Die. Magic Dirt.
Dressed To The Tens. Boy Crazy Stacey.
Cold Hands. Under Lights.
More Cowbell! Piers Burbrook de Vere & Jeremy Yang.
The Sponsor’s Daughter. Evil Tony & The Helicopters.
A Girl I Knew. The Vines.
Comet’s Song (Andy Bang Version). Nash Taylor.
Wintertime In Hollywood. The Lovetones.
Comet’s Song (Acoustic). Nash Taylor.
Kiss Of Death. Sparkadia.
Heartbreak Scorsese. Snob Scrilla.
Daisychains. Youth Group.
Comet’s Song (Live). (Harold Arlen - E. Y. Harburg). Boy Crazy Stacey.