ABC Television. 1991. Producer: Brian Adams.


CD (OP) 4795962. (CA 4795964). 1994. “THE HARVEST - A LANDLINE COLLECTION”.
Compiled by Genni Kane.

Come What May. (3:00). (Buchanan). (Rondor). v: Colin Buchanan.
Out Of The Blue. ((3:57). (Morris/Veall). (Mushroom/Rondor). v: Anne Kirkpatrick.
Ribbons And Roses. (3:45). (Jeffreys/Trevor). (Warner/Chappell). v: Gina Jeffreys.
Small Country. (3:11). (Parlane). (ABC). v: Brent Parlane.
Diamantina Drover. (3:57). (McDonald). (Rondor). v: Dead Ringer Band.
Forever Mine. (3:09). (Vaughan). (Control). v: Jenine Vaughan.
Boys From The Bush. (2:46). (Porter, Kernaghan). (Warner/Chappell). v: Lee Kernaghan.
May Your Fridge Be Full Of Coldies. (3:17). (Champion/Wild). (Warner/Chappell). v: Greg Champion.
Where Do Old Cowboys Go? (2:45). (Caswell/Mellick/Murray). (MCA). v: Allan Caswell.
Red Roses. (3:50). (Del). (MMA). v: Shanley Del.
I’ll Be Gone. (2:43). (Kernaghan, Kernaghan, Field, Gillard). (Control/EMI/Leosong). v: Tania Kernaghan.
Sweet Music Man. (3:40). (Rogers). (MCA). v: Felicity Urquhart.
Living Off The Land. (4:55). (Connors). (Panama Music/Rondor). v: Graeme Connors.
Back Of Beyond. (3:09). (Derwent/Fisher). (Control). v: Warren Derwent.


CD (OP) ABC. 4798142. (CA 4798144). 1995. “ANOTHER SEASON - HARVEST II”.
Compiling, inspiration and ideas courtesy of the wonderous Genni Kane.

Southern Son. (3:59). (Porter). (Warner/Chappell Music). v: Lee Kernaghan.
On The Wire. (4:37). (K. Carmody). (Larrikin Music). v: Kev Carmody and Tiddas.
Jam Jar. (3:08). (J. Saunders, G. Kane, J. Kane). (Rondor). v: Jane Saunders.
End Of The Road. (4:07). (T. Cassar-Daly). (Warner/Chappell Music). (P) 1994 Sony Music Productions Pty Limited. v: Troy Cassar-Daly.
Foolin’ Around. (3:02). (M. Donohoe). (Larrikin). v: Beccy Cole.
Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again? (3:26). J & R. Brewster, Jones, Neeson). (Albert). v: Brent Parlane.
Country Towns. (2:45). (M. Fix). (Larrikin Music). v: Michael Fix.
God’s Country. (3:55). (S. Nichamin). (Music Sales). v: Shot To Pieces.
I Know Losin’ By Heart. (2:36). (S. Del, L. Hargrove). (MMA Music, Mushroom Music). v: Shanley Del.
Son Of A Drover. (3:56). (S. Hogan, R. Bal). (Control). v: Shane Hogan.
Laughter Like A Shield. (3:09). (P. Drummond). (Larrikin Music). v: Pat Drummond.
Foggy Mountain Breakdown. (2:50). (E. Scruggs). (Southern). v: Rod McCormack and Mick Albeck.
Lonely Blue Heart. (3:14). (J. Saunders, G. Kane). (Rondor). v: The Trio.
Standing Too Close To The Flame. (3:49). (J. Stewart, G. Sklerov). (BMG Music). v: Gina Jeffreys.

CD (OP) Warner Music. 2558302963. 2002. “SONGS FROM LANDLINE”.

01: This Flower - Kasey Chambers.
02: True Blue - John Williamson.
03: Angel - Gina Jeffreys.
04: Roses - Wolverines.
05: That's the Kind of Life I Live - Lee Kernaghan.
06: This Heart - Beccy Cole.
07: Sea Horses - Graeme Connors.
08: Buffalo Bill - Sara Storer.
09: Our Town - Iris Dement.
10: Dreamtime Baby - Warren Williams.
11: True Country - Tania Kernaghan.
12: It's a Good Thing (You're Crazy) - Tamara Stewart.
13: I Remember You - Felicity.
14: (Hey You) Count to 3 - Melinda Schneider.

CD (OP) Warner Music. 2558303042. 2004. “SONGS FROM LANDLINE - VOLUME 2”.

01: Beccy Cole - Blackwood Hill.
02: Alison Krauss - Baby, Now That I’ve Found You.
03: Trisha Yearwood with Garth Brooks - Where Your Road Leads.
04: Sara Storer - Raining On The Plains (duet with John Williamson).
05: Eric Bogle - And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda.
06: Adam Harvey - Call It Love.
07: Gina Jeffreys - Dancin’ With Elvis.
08: Troy Cassar-Daley - Dream Out Loud.
09: LeAnn Rimes - Blue.
10: Graeme Connors - The Great Australian Dream.
11: Reba McEntire - What If.
12: Warren Williams & John Williamson - Raining On The Rock.
13: Tania Kernaghan - Dunroamin’ Station.
14: James Blundell and James Reyne - Way Out West.
15: Catherine Britt - Hillbilly Pickin’ Ramblin Girl.