ABC Production in association with the BBC. 1992. Producer: Steve Knapman. Music: Peter Best.


CD (ST) oneMone. 1M1CD1019. (DDD). 1992.

Music Composed and Arranged by Peter Best. Recording and Mixing Engineer: David Hemming. Extra Snare Drums - David Armstrong, Matt Di Losa. Trumpet - Dick Montz. Specially tuned Wind Chimes made by Justine Bradley at Hidden Valley Instruments, Palm Beach, Sydney, Australia. All tracks recorded and mixed at Vaucluse Digital, Sydney, Australia. Compact Disc Recording Produced by Peter Best. Compact Disc Prepared by Philip Powers. Digital Mastering: Leon Zervos, EMI Studios, Sydney.

Opening Titles. (1:16).
Running With The Flag. (1:26).
Proddy Dogs! (2:32).
All Hail To The Skylon. (0:50).
Lily Runs For It. (1:33).
Leaving Liverpool. (1:07).
Egypt Through Bert’s Eyes. (2:35).
A Scarf For Lily. (1:01).
Alf Overboard. (3:33).
Home. (1:44).
The Boss Rides In. (1:24).
Wilson In The Quarry. (2:13).
Wilson Goes Home. (2:37).
Brother Jerome And Bert/End Titles. (2:47).
Lily Remembers Ellen. (1:19).
Bush Christmas. (1:32).
Lily Leaves The Bush. (1:28).
Looking For Bert. (1:06).
Wilson’s Dead. (1:41).
Burning The Church. (3:47).
On The Run. (1:01).
Pyramids. (0:51).
Blood Brother. (2:19).
The Eighth Wonder Of The World. (2:41).
Blood Upon The Wattle. (0:56).
Bert’s Letter. (1:11).
Lily’s Letter/Lily Meets Ellen/Bert & The Queen. (3:33).
Bert In Gaol. (2:26).
Final Flag/Main Theme. (3:48).