Australian Broadcasting Corporation. 1996. Executive Producer: Mark FitzGerald.


CD (ST) ABC. 7243 8 55445 2 1. 1996. “MCFEAST BREASTS”.

All tracks produced and arranged by Chris Harriott. All instruments Chris Harriott except The Delltones for ‘Big Kim’. Elle McFeast appears courtesy Lisbeth Gorr. Backing vocals: Lisbeth Gorr, Louise Anton, Andrew Caminetti, Tony Backhouse, Lily Dior, Toni Allayialias, Stuart Davis, Mark Warren, Mark FitzGerald and Chris Harriott. Recorded at Trackdown Studios, Sunstone Music, Carr Street, Studios and ABC TV Studio 22, Gore Hill. Masterd by Kathy Naunton. Engineered by Kathy Naunton, Katrina Schiller, Michelle Barry, Simon Leadley, Keith Walker and Mark Avis. Executive Producer: Mark FitzGerald. Associate Producer: Andrew Caminetti.

Boogie Woogie Boosie Song. (1:26). (Gorr/Harriott). (ABC). v: Elle McFeast, Jodie Gillis, Louise Anton.
You’re Sacked Gough. (2:39). (Gorr/Harriott). (ABC). v: Elle McFeast.
Funbags. (2:48). (Gorr/Harriott). (ABC). v: Elle McFeast.
Big Kim. (1:38). (Gorr/Harriott). (ABC). v: The Delltones.
Rock This Joint. (1:15). (Crafton/Keene/Bagby). (EMI). v: Elle McFeast and Andrew Caminetti.
P.J.K. (2:48). (Gorr/Harriott). (ABC). v: Elle McFeast.
Member For Bennelong. (1:48). (Gorr/Harriott). (ABC). v: Barry Crocker.
Reithy - Let’s Kiss. (2:20). (Gorr/Harriott). (ABC). v: Elle McFeast.
Peter Costello. (2:21). (Gorr/Harriott). (ABC). v: Delilah.
On The Inside. (2:36). (Caswell). (EMI). v: Elle McFeast.
It’s Raining Men. (2:56). (Jabara/Shaffer). (Warner/Chappell/Sony/EMI). v: Elle McFeast.
The Boosie Dance. (1:03). (Harriott). (ABC). v: Elle McFeast and Chris Harriott.