ABC Television. 1992. Producer: Mark Fitzgerald. Musical Direction, Arrangement: Chris Harriott.


CD (ST) ABC. 512 605-2. 1992. (Re-issued 1995 as CD 4796182). “STAIRWAYS TO HEAVEN”.

Lyrics: Robert Plant. Music: Jimmy Page. Published by Warner/Chappell. Musical Direction and Arrangement by Chris Harriott. Produced and Mixed by Keith Walker (Dreamix Pty. Ltd). Mastered by Leon Zervos at Studio 301, Sydney. Music recorded at ABC Studio 221, EMI Studio 301 and Chris Harriott’s bedroom. Remixed at Rich Music Studios, Sydney. Thanks to ABC Radio and all assisting engineers.

Kate Ceberano And The Ministry Of Fun.
(Arr: Philip Ceberano, Robbie Burke). v: Kate Ceberano, Lisa Maxwell. Philip Ceberano: Guitar. Robbie Burke: Keyboards and Sax. Steven Grant: Trumpet. Bruce Pawsey: Drums. Lisa Maxwell: Vocals. Courtesy of Regular Records and Festival Records.
John Paul Young.
(Arr: Chris Harriott). v: John Paul Young. Shauna Jensen: Backing Vocals. Andrew Richardson: Guitar. Ian Lees: Bass. Mitch Farmer: Drums. Chris Harriott: All other instruments.
Pardon Me Boys.
(Arr: Phillip Scott). v: Ignatius Jones, Julie Haseler. Phillip Scott: Piano. Jeremy Cook: Drums. Steve Aria: Bass. Tim Otto: Tenor Sax. Graham Norris: Alto Sax. Ralph Pyl: Trumpet.
Nick Barker And The Reptiles.
(Arr: Nick Barker). v: Nick Barker. Nick Barker: Guitar. Adrian Chynoweth: Guitar. Chris Harris: Harmonica and Backing Vocals. David Pinder: Drums. Drew Basford: Bass. Courtesy of Mushroom Records.
Rolf Harris.
(Arr: Rolf Harris, Clive Lendich). v: Rolf Harris, Clive Lendich, Rob Pisano, Ross Lombardo. Rolf Harris: Wobble Board and Didgeridoo. Clive Lendich: Guitar and Vocals. Rob Pisano: Bass and Vocals. Ross Lombardo: Accordian and Vocals. Keith Harrison: Drums. Andrew Cam, Glen Butcher and Chris Harriott: Extra Backing Vocals.
The Australian Doors Show.
(Arr: The Australian Doors Show). v: Steve Griffith. Steve Alunty: Guitar. Caston Holroyd: Keyboards. Neil Rankin: Drums.
Sandra Hahn And Michael Turkic.
(Arr: Conducted by Chris Harriott). v: Sandra Hahn, Michael Turkic. Sandra Hahn: Vocals and Chorus. Michael Turkic: Vocal and Chorus. Glen Butcher, Gary Daniels and Nadine Weinberger: Chorus. Featuring the Chris Harriott Orchestra.
Helen Jones.
(Arr: Chris Harriott). v: Helen Jones. Chris Harriott: All instruments.
Robyne Dunn.
(Arr: Conducted by Chris Harriott). v: Robyne Dunn. Chris Harriott: All instruments.
Neil Pepper (Elvis).
(Arr: Chris Harriott). v: Neil Pepper. Chris Harriott: All instruments. Andrew Cam: Backing Vocals. Nadine Weinberger: Backing Vocals.
The Rock Lobsters.
(Arr: Chris Harriott). v: Stephen Wade, Prue Haggarty, Lisa Brayshaw.
Mark Williams: Keyboards. Paul Hardick: Guitar. Craig Thompson: Bass. Serge Luca: Drums.
Toys Went Berserk.
(Arr: Toys Went Berserk). v: Coo. Andy: Guitar. Bill: Bass. Mark: Drums. Courtesy of Aberrant Records.
Jodie Gillies.
(Arr: Chris Harriott). v: Jodie Gillies. Chris Harriott: All instruments. Andrew Cam: Backing Vocals. Nadine Weinberger:
Backing Vocals. Tania Sparke: Backing Vocals. Glen Butcher: Backing Vocals.
The Beatnix.
(Arr: Chris Harriott). v: Bruce Coble, Steve Shipley. Bruce Noble: Vocals and Rhythm Guitar. Steve Shpley: Vocals and Bass. Dave Wood: Lead Guitar. John Taylor: Drums.
The Fargone Beauties.
(Arr: The Fargone Beauties). v: Terry Murray, John Spence, James Gillard. Terry Murray: Guitar and Vocals. John Spence:
Guitar and Vocals. James Gillard: Bass and Vocals. Ian Simpson: Banjo. Dave Drury: Drums.
Etcetera Theatre Company.
(Co-arr: Chris Harriott). v: Russell Garbutt. Chris Harriott: All instruments. The Businessmen appear courtesy of Julia Cotton, Russell Garbutt, Paul Blackwell, Carlos Russell and Stuart Bennett.
Judi Connelli.
(Arr: Chris Harriott). v: Judi Connelli. Terry Murray: Guitar. Mitch Farmer: Drums. Leon Gaer: Bass. Chris Harriott: Piano and Organ. Kate Swadling, Tania Sparke, Stuart Davis and Gary Davis: Backing Vocals.
Barry Crocker And The Doug Anthony Allstars.
(Arr: The Doug Anthony Allstars). v: Paul McDermott, Tim Ferguson, Richard Fidler, Barry Crocker. DAAS are Paul McDermott: Vocals. Tim Ferguson: Vocals. Richard Fidler: Guitar and Vocals. Barry Crocker: Vocals. Chris Harriott: All other instruments. Barry Crocker courtesy of Garden Records. Doug Anthony Allstars courtesy of D.A.A.S. Kapital.
Vegimite Reggae.
(Arr: Tony Heaney). v: David Cunningham. Tony Heaney: Keyboards. Stuart Henderson: Drums. Tony Marshall: Bass. Kim Pink: Sax. Martin McLaughlin: Trumpet.
The Whipper Snappers.
(Arr: Chris Harriott). v: Annette Crowe, Joy Howard. Annette Crowe: Vocals and Bass. Joy Howard: Vocals and Guitar. Dave Steel: Guitar. Frank Zaknich: Drums. Courtesy of Bruce “Aberrant” Griffiths, to whom much is owed.
Sydney Philharmonia.
(Arr: Chris Harriott, John Grundy). Conducted by John Grundy. Leonard Teale. (Co-arr: Conducted by Chris Harriott). v: Leonard Teale. Chris Harriott: All instruments.