Wired Productions. 1977. Producer: Andrew McVitty.


2LP (OP) Mushroom. L-45,773/4. 1977. Gatefold. “NIGHTMOVIN’ LIVE!”.

Recorded live: “Nightmoves” concert, Palais Theatre, Melbourne 22 September 1977. Executive Producers and Conception: Michael Gudinski, Andrew McVitty, assisted by Helene Fayman. Sound recorded by Armstrong 24 track mobile van. On site Engineers: Roger Savage, Ross Cockle. Re Mixed at Armstrong Studio 2 South Melbourne Australia. Re Mixing Engineers: Ian MacKenzie, Tony Cohen. BILLY T: Russel Smith, Mic Holden, Geoff Maling, Neal MacPherson, Gean Cendrillan, Guest Vocalist - Shirley Read. STARS: Mal Eastick, Mick Pealing, Glyn Dowding, Andy Durant, Roger McLachlan. KEVIN BORICH EXPRESS: Kevin Borich, John Annas, Bob Jackson, Guest Vocalist - Eric Gradman. MOTHER GOOSE: Craig Johnston, Steve Young, Marcel Rodeka, Denis Gibbons, Kevin “Dwarf” Colling, Pete Dickson. DRAGON: Marc Hunter, Todd Hunter, Paul Hewson, Kerry Jacobsen, Robert Taylor. THE FERRETS: Bill Miller, Phil Eizenberg, Ken Firth, David Springfield, Rick Brewer, Jane Miller, Pam Miller. Guest Musicans - Bruce Allen, Tony Slavich, Mick Flemming, Chris Harold, National Boys Choir, Strings Arranged and Conducted by Peter Martin.

Chattanooga Choo Choo.
(Warren - Gordon). v: Mother Goose. (Albert).
Great Balls Of Fire. (2:50).
(Hammer - Blackwell). v: Mother Goose. (Aberbach).
Your Song. (5:56).
(John - Taupin). v: Mother Goose. (Dick James).
Winning Hand. (2:26).
(Eastick). v: Stars. (Mushroom).
Red Neck Boogie.
(Durant). v: The Ferrets. (Mushroom).
I’ll Be Creepin’. (5:35).
(Frazer - Rodgers). v: Stars. (Festvial).
My Old Dog. (3:19).
(Firth). v: The Ferrets. (Mushroom).
Just Like The Stars. (5:06).
(Falls - Miller - Springfield). v: The Ferrets. (Mushroom).
Lies. (3:57).
(Firth - Davis). v: The Ferrets. (Mushroom).
Blacktown Boogie.
(Taylor - Hunter - Hunter). v: Dragon. (April).
White Light White Heat. (3:46).
v: Dragon. (Associated).
Who The Cap Fit. (5:20).
(Barrett - Barrett). v: Billy T. (Rondor).
I Am What You Are. (6:18).
(Kin - Smith). v: Billy T. (Control).
Snowball King.
(Borich). v: Kevin Borich Express.
She’s A Lover. (8:35).
(Borich - Annas - Jackson).
v: Kevin Borich Express. (Propaganda).
Going Downtown. (5:56).
(Borich). v: Kevin Borich Express. (Propaganda).


LP (OP) Mushroom. L36745. 1978. “NIGHTMOVES CONCERT 2”.

Recorded live at the Palais Theatre, July 25th, 1978 by Armstrong 24 track mobile Van, Engineered by Roger Savage. Re Mix Engineer: Ian MacKenzie. Album Concept and Direction: Michael Gudinski. Produced by Michael Gudinski and Ian Mackenzie. SKYHOOKS: Vocals - Graeme “Shirley” Strachan. Bass, Vocals - Greg Macanish. Guitars, Vocals - Bob Starkie. Guitars, Vocals - Bob Spencer. Drums, Vocals - Fred Strauks. THE SPORTS: Vocals - Steve Cummings. Guitar, Vocals - Ed Bates. Keyboards, Vocals - Jim Niven. Guitar, Vocals - Andrew Pendlebury. Bass - Robert Glover. Drums - Paul Hitchins. Daniel: Vocals, Guitar - Roger Pyke. Keyboards, Vocals - Jose McLaghlin. Guitars - Paul Trimble. Drums, Vocals - David Stewart. Vocals - James Neal. JO JO ZEP AND THE FALCONS: Vocals, Sax - Joe Camilleri. Guitar - Jeff Burstin. Guitar, Vocals - Tony Faehse. Bass, Vocals - John Power. Sax, Vocals - Wilbur Wilde. Drums - Gary Young. THE JAM: Vocals, Introductions - Joe Camilleri. Drums - Gary Young. Drums, Vocals - Fred Strauks. Bass - Greg Macainish. Guitar - Jeff Burstin. Guitar - Bob Starkie. Piano - Jim Niven. Guitar, Vocals - Bob Spencer. Sax - Wilbur Wilde. Vocals - Steve Cummings. Guitar - Andrew Pendlebury. Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons appear courtesy of Oz Records. Daniel appear courtesy of Image Records.

Somewhere In Sydney.
(G. Macainsh). v: Skyhooks. (Doo Dah).
B B B Boogie. (2:49).
(A. Strauks). v: Skyhooks. (Mushroom).
Boys! (What Did The Detective Say?). (2:18).
(Cummings - Bates). v: The Sports. (Antipodes).
Wedding Ring. (2:36).
(Wright - Young). v: The Sports. (Albert).
Last Night In The City. (4:35).
(J. Neal). v: Daniel. (Image/Prosper).
Love’s A Fire.
(J. Camilleri). v: Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons. (Tumbleweed).
Dancing Shoes. (5:00).
(W. Burt). v: Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons. (Tumbleweed).
It’s Alright. (10:50).
(Jagger - Richards). v: The Jam. (Castle).