Essgee Entertainment, ABC Television. 1994. Conceived and Produced by Simon Gallaher.


2CD (ST) ABC. 4797762. (CA 4797764). 1994.

Recorded live at the Lyric Theatre, Queensland Performing Arts Complex Saturday 5th November 1994. Orchestrator and Conductor: Kevin Hocking. Additional Music Production: Robert Kitney. All songs written by Gilbert and Sullivan except “I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major-General” with additional lyrics by Melvyn Morrow and “Duty Duty” with additional lyrics by Melvyn Morrow from “Ruddigore”. Published by Essgee Melodies. All Rights Reserved. Musical Production for the ABC: Engineers: Yossi Gabbay, Stephen Hope. Sound Producer: Malcolm Batty. Production Manager: John Pine. Executive Producer: Peter Butler. ENSEMBLE: David Coombs, Robert Dale, Michael Falzon, Marc James, Gary Jones, David Lowe, Emma Powell, Peter Rees, David Scotchford, Jason Smith, Anthony Weigh, Lachlan Youngberg, Jenny Wilson. ORCHESTRA: Synthesisers: Beverley Kennedy, Bradley Voltz, Ross Comerford. Bass: Hugh Fraser. Percussion: Jason Hawkins. Drums: Peter Skelton. CAST: The Pirate King - Jon English. Samuel - Marc James. Frederic - Simon Gallaher. Ruth - Toni Lamond. Major-General’s Daughters - The Fabulous Singlettes (Anna Butera, Susie French, Melissa Langton). Mabel - Helen Donaldson. Major-General - Derek Metzger. Sergeant - Tim Tyler.

CD 1:
Gilbert And Sullivan Opening.
v: Company.
Pour, O Pour The Pirate Sherry.
v: Pirate King, Samuel, Frederic & Pirates.
When Frederic Was A Little Lad.
v: Ruth.
Oh, Better Far To Live And Die.
v: Pirate King & Pirates.
Oh, False One, You Have Deceived Me!
v: Ruth & Frederic.
Climbing Over Rocky Mountain.
v: The Daughters.
Stop, Ladies, Pray!
v: Frederic & Daughters.
Oh, Is There Not One Maiden Breast.
v: Frederic & Daughters.
Poor Wandering One.
v: Mabel & Daughters.
What Ought We To Do?
v: The Daughters.
How Beautifully Blue The Sky.
v: Mabel, Frederic & Daughters.
Stay, We Must Not Lose Our Senses.
v: Frederic, Daughters & Pirates.
Hold, Monsters!
v: Mabel, Samuel, Major-General, Daughters & Pirates.
I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major-General.
v: Major-General, Pirate King & Ensemble.
Oh, Men Of Dark And Dismal Fate.
v: Company.

CD 2:
Oh, Dry The Glistening Tear.
v: Mabel & Daughters.
Then, Frederic, Let Your Escort Lion-Hearted.
v: Major-General & Frederic.
When The Foeman Bares His Steel.
v: Sergeant, Mabel, Police & Daughters.
Now For The Pirates’ Lair!
v: Frederic, Pirate King & Ruth.
When You Had Left Our Pirate Fold.
v: Ruth, Frederic & Pirate King.
v: Frederic, Ruth & Pirate King.
Duty, Duty.
v: Frederic, Ruth & Pirate King.
Away, Away! My Heart’s On Fire.
v: Ruth, Pirate King & Frederic.
All Is Prepared.
v: Mabel & Frederic.
Stay, Frederic, Stay!
v: Mabel & Frederic.
No, I Am Brave.
v: Mabel, Sergeant & Police.
When A Felon’s Not Engaged In His Employment.
v: Sergeant & Police.
A Rollicking Band Of Pirates We.
v: Pirates, Sergeant & Police.
With Cat-like Tread, Upon Our Prey We Steal.
v: Pirates, Police & Samuel.
Hush, Hush! Not A Word.
v: Frederic, Pirates, Police & Major-General.
Sighing Softly To The River. v: Major-General & Ensemble.
Finale 1880. v: Company.
Finale 1994. v: Company.