Produced by Screentime and the Australian Film Finance Corporation in association with Columbia Tri-Star Television.
Directed by: Rob Marchhand. Music by Carl Vine.
CD (ST) Tall Poppies. TP148. 2000.
Violin: Kirsten Williams (Concertmaster), Anita Beuthien, Alex Delia, Gina Henery, Chris Latham, Georges Lentz, Nicki Lewis, Benjamin Li, Marina Marsden, Leigh Middenway, Airena Nakamura, Philippa Paige, Veronique Serret, Fiona Ziegler. Viola: Esther van Strahlen, Anne-Louise Comerford, Sandro Costantino, David Deakin, Justine Marsden. Cello: David Pereira*, David Wickham, Helen Byrne. Bass: Kees Boersma*, Kirsty McCahon, Alex Henery, Richard Lynn. Flute/piccolo: Geoffrey Collins*, Rosamund Plummer*. Oboe/Cor anglais: Alexandre Oguey*. Clarinet/bass clarinet: Catherine McCorkill*. Bassoon/contrabassoon: Jenny McLaughlan*, Matthew Ockenden*. Horn: Dominic Harvey*, Ben Jacks*, Geoffrey O'Reilly*, Marnie Sebire, Lisa Wynne-Allen. Trumpet: Paul Goodchild*. Trombone: Nigel Crocker*. Tuba: Steve Rosse*. Percussion: Daryl Pratt*, Ian Scotland*. (* denotes principal players).

Recorded 30 May & June 6, 1999, Studio 200, ABC, Ultimo Centre, Sydney. Recording Engineer: Christo Curtis. Recording Producers: Belinda Webster, Christo Curtis. Soundtrack Producer: Christo Curtis.

01: Streets of London. (3:28).
02: Young Love Goes Wrong. (2:47).
03: Mary's Hands. (3:14).
04: Mary's First Job. (3:06).
05: Egyptian Mary. (2:36).
06: Ikey's Shopped. (2:52).
07: Ikey Escapes. (3:21).
08: Transportation To The Colonies. (3:13).
09: Hannah The Viper. (3:09).
10: Ikey & Mary. (3:50).
11: Business In The Colonies. (1:28).
12: Tommo & Hawk. (2:32).
13: Going Bush. (4:46).
14: Ikey's Safe. (4:15).
15: Reunited. (2:18).