LJ Productions Ltd / Nine Network. 1989.
Producers: John Gauci, Louise Hall, Frank Brown. Music: Peter Moscos.


LP (ST) Fable. FAB 792782. 1989.

All compositions Peter Moscos. Arranged by Dougie Reece. Recorded at Studio RB-X Pty. Ltd. All titles Image. Record Produced by Peter Moscos. Engineered by Martin Pullen. Music Coach: Andrea Lees. Cast: Jason Torrens, Louise Hall, Rebecca Blomberg, Jay McCormack, Troy Beckwith, Ricky Fleming, Ken James, Maurie Fields, Emma Snow.

Opening Theme.
A Rock And A Roll. (2:15). v: Maurie Fields.
Dogs (Instrumental). (1:44).
There’s No Reason Why. (2:46). v: Cast.
Pugwall Instrumental 1. (1:55).
I’m In Love. (2:59). v: Orange Organics.
Na Na Na. (2:21). v: Cast.
It Must Be Love. (2:44). v: Cast.
Pugwall Instrumental 2. (1:24).
Party Song.
(2:03). v: Cast.
Was There Something. (3:17). v: Cast.
Supes. (0:47).
Only Ewe. (1:47). v: Cast.
Pugwall Instrumental 3. (2:00).
B B Boppin’. (1:14). v: Cast.
Belly Dance. (1:34).
You So And So. (2:31). v: Cast.
I’m Gonna Tell Your Mama. (0:56).
Uptown Tokyo. (1:54).
Closing Credits Theme. (1:30).