LJ Productions Ltd / Nine Network. 1990.
Producers: John Gauci, Louise Hall, Frank Brown. Music: Peter Moscos.


LP (ST) Mushroom. L26056. 1991. “PUGWALL SUMMER”.

Music by Peter Moscos, Arranged by Dougie Reece and Peter Moscos. All tracks Written by Peter Moscos except “Lately”. Published by Mushroom Music except *. Produced by Peter Moscos. Engineered by David Briggs. Recorded at David Briggs Production Workshop. Music Coach: Andrea Lees. Keyboard Programming: Marshall Parker. Keyboard Programming “Mix It Up Pugwall”: Chong Lim. The Orange Organics are: Jason Torrens - Pugwall: Guitar/Vocals. Rebecca Blomberg - Jenny: Vocals. Ricky Fleming - Stringbean: Bass/Vocals. Troy Beckwith - Bazza: Keyboards/Vocals. Jay McCormick - Orfo: Drums/Vocals.

Pugwall Summer (Instrumental).
True Blues.

v: Orange Organics.
Bad Boys. *
v: Marcee Jones. (Image Music).
Hoochie Coochie.
v: Maurie Fields.
Uptown Tokyo. *
v: Orange Organics. (Image Music).
Marmaloids Rap.
v: Emma Snow, Aimee Robertson and the Marmalodians.
Mix It Up Pugwall.
v: Andrea Lees.
Single Word.
v: Orange Organics.
His Eyes.
v: Orange Organics.
Pugwall Summer (Slow).
v: Darryl Cotton.
(Chook, O’Keefe - Rachelle). v: No Justice. (Melodian).
A Rock And A Roll. *
v: Maurie Fields. (Image).
Somebody To Love.
v: Orange Organics.
Ever Be The Same.
v: Rebecca Blomberg.
It’s Alright.
v: Orange Organics.
Baby Let’s Dance.
v: Simone Robertson.
The Things People Do (Environment Song).
v: Orange Organics.
Pugwall Summer.
v: Darryl Cotton.
Party Song. *
v: Orange Organics. (Image).