ATN Channel Seven. 1961. Producer/Director: Peter MacFarlane.
Theme: Julien Lee. Music Director: Tommy Tycho.


LP (ST) Pye. PLP-1093. (m). 1962. “THE BEST OF REVUE ’61”.

With The Revue 20 and the augmented A.T.N. Orchestra under the Direction of Tommy Tycho. Arr: Julian Lee except * by Tommy Tycho and ** by Jack Grimsley.

1: Tonight (Revue ’61 Theme)
(From “West Side Story”).

(Bernstein). Introduced by Digby Wolfe.
When The Saints Go Marching In. (3:20).
2: Hit Parade 1955. (2:49).
Yellow Rose Of Texas.
Hey, Mr. Banjo.
(Morgan - Malkin).
Mister Sandman.
Tweedlee Dee.
(Scott). (Albert).
Rock Around The Clock. **
(Freedman - DeKnight).
3: Deep Purple. (3:17).
v: Claire Poole. (Albert).
4: Isn’t This A Lovely Day. * (1:59).
5: Snow Medley. (3:44).
Sleigh Ride.
Skaters’ Waltz.
Winter Wonderland.
6: Exodus. * (3:09).
1: Big Noise From Winnetka.
(2:30). (Haggart - Bouduc).
2: Laura. (2:33).
(Raskin). v: Claire Poole. (Albert).
3: Hernando’s Hideaway. (Pyjama Game). * (2:42).
(Adler - Ross).
4: Roaring 20s Sing Along. (2:34).
Five Foot Two. **
Ukelele Lady. **
(Whiting). (Albert).
Yes Sir, That’s My Baby. **
(Donaldson). (Albert).
5: M-O-T-H-E-R. (2:02).
6: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. * (1:52).
7: Time Medley. (2:42).
My How The Time Goes By.
Time Waits For No One.
24 Hours To Sunshine. (DeRose).
Time On My Hands.
Time After Time.
I Didn’t Know What Time It Was.
(Rodgers - Hart).
Grandfather’s Clock.
(Kennett). (Albert).