S.A.F.C. Productions Ltd. 1985. Directors: Donald Crombie, Ken Hannam.
Music: Garry McDonald, Laurie Stone.

(Produced simultaneously as a feature film and six-hour television mini-series).


CD (ST) oneMone. 1M1CD1013. (AAD). 1991.

(Incorporates tracks from the feature film and the television mini-series).

Music Composed and Arranged by Garry McDonald and Laurie Stone. Orchestra Conducted by Garry McDonald. Produced by Laurie Stone. Engineered by Laurie Stone and Rod Herbert. Recorded at Starsound Studios, Queensland. Original Recording Produced by James Currie. Orchestra Leader: Theodore Lazaroff. Harmonica Solos: Horrie Dargie. Compact Disc Produced by Philip Powers. Digital Mastering Meredith Brooks, Sony Mastering, Sydney.

Main Title. (2:46).
Starlight And Aileen. (1:24).
The Ride Home. (1:36).
A Touch Of Hands. (1:42).
Dick’s Arrest / Escape From Berrima / Homecoming. (6:35).
The Cattle Drive. (1:56).
George’s Rejection / Death Of Billy / I Think It’s Your Husband.(4:01).
Boom Town. (1:05).
Gracey Misses The Boat. (1:24).
Over The Cliff. (1:05).
The Ring. (2:27).
Trooper’s Downfall / The Stampede / Adelaide. (4:15).
Kate Fingers The Boys / I Promised Your Brother / She’s Here In Dusty Creek / Go To Her /
The Ruin Of Us Both.
The Falkland Cup. (3:35).
We’re Home. (2:04).
End Title. (1:04).