Crawfords Productions / Protocol Entertainment Inc. / ABC. 26 x 30mins. 2001.
Executive Producers: Tom Parkinson, Bruce Gordon, Steve Levitan, Paul Bronfman / Producers: Lynn Bayonas, Sarah Dodd.

CD 02

Music CD. Saddle Club - Fun for Everyone. 2002.

Following on from the release of the 'Hello World' single, the theme to the series, comes this album. The tracks are specifically written for the shows' storylines and sung by the stars of the show including Carole, Stevie, Lisa, Veronica and Melanie.

01 The Sun Is Always Shining
02 Hello World
03 Dreams Come True
04 The Best That I Can
05 Girl With Claws
06 Stay Here All Day
07 Catch Me If You Can
08 Boys
09 Crush On You
10 Dreams
11 Brighter Day
12 Hey Hey What Can You Say
13 We Are The Saddle Club
14 Together We Are

CD 03

3 x CD set. Saddle Club - Horse Crazy. 2001.

(Also available as a double cassette).

Carole Hanson and Stevie Lake have been best friends ever since they met at Pine Hollow Stables. So when Lisa Atwood shows up for her first riding lesson dressed in fancy riding gear, the girls aren’t sure she’ll fit in. But Lisa works hard and Carole and Stevie can’t help admiring her natural riding talent. Read by Australian actress Lucy Bell.

Cassette 02

2 x Cassette set. Saddle Club - Horse Power.

CD 04

3 x CD set. Saddle Club - Horse Sense. 2002.

(Also available as a double audio cassette).

CD 05

Shock Records. TSC01-X. 2003. (Single). THE SADDLE CLUB - HELLO WORLD / HEY HEY WHAT YOU SAY:

01. Hello World. Carole, Lisa & Stevie.
02. Hey Hey What You Say. Carole, Lisa & Stevie.
03. Here I Am. Carole, Lisa, Stevie & Veronica.
04. Welcome to the Saddle Club (We Are One). Car
ole, Lisa & Stevie.

CD 06

 Shock Records. TSC03. 2003. "THE SADDLE CLUB ON TOP OF THE WORLD".

01. We Can Do Anything. Carole with Lisa & Stevie.
02. We Got Style. Veronica & Kristi.
03. My Sunshine. Red.
04. Storm. Lisa.
05. Everybody Come On.
Carole with Lisa & Stevie.
06. Tell Me What You See.
07. Wonderland.
Stevie, Lisa & Carole.
08. On Top of the World.
Carole, Stevie & Lisa.
09. Ride Like the Wind.
10. Hey Hey What You Say.
Carole, Lisa & Stevie with Ashley, Melanie, Kristi & Veronica.
11. Everything We Do.
12. Please Come Tonight.
13. Every Day.
Lisa with Carole & Stevie.
14. Au Revoir Dorothee.
e, Lisa & Stevie.

CD. RC Hottest Hits. ABC Music. 2003.

Track 01: Hello World. Saddle Club.