Generation Films, ABC Television. 1993. Producer: Bob Weis. Music Producer: Martin Armiger.


CD (ST) ABC. 514 463-2. (CA 514 463-4). 1993.
Re-issued 1995 as CD 4797352.

Produced by Martin Armiger. Recorded and Mixed by Michael Paul Stavrou. Recorded at Paradise Studio, Glebe Recording Studios and MARS. Mixed at MARS, Sydney. Recording Assistants: Werner Zettinig and Michelle Barry. Mastered by Don Bartley at EMI Studio 301, 1992. Digital Editing by Don Bartley and David MacQuarie. Sins Theme by Anthony Partos. Copyist: Les Dempsey. Drums: Mark Kennedy. Bass: David Ellis. Guitars: Rex Goh. Percussion: Sunil Da Silva. Pedal Steel: Michel Rose. Piano: Julian Lee. Piano: Paul Grabowsky. Piano: Max Lambert. Trumpet and Flugelhorn: Paul Panichi. Tenor Saxophone: Jason Morphett. Horns Arranged by: Derek Williams. Additional Keyboards by: Derek Williams. Backing Vocals: Renee Geyer, Vika Bull, Deborah Conway, Toni Mott, Gina Jeffries, Mary Azzopardi, Mark Williams, Anastasia Aspeling.

He Can’t Decide. (3:37).
(P. Kelly/M. Armiger). (Mushroom Music/Picture This Music). v: Paul Kelly, Vika Bull, Renee Geyer, Deborah Conway.
Almost Persuaded. (3:05).
(G. Sutton/B. Sherill). (EMI Music/Alberts). v: Paul Kelly, Renee Geyer, Deborah Conway.
Imagine The World. (6:00).
(M. Armiger/P. Kelly). (Picture This Music/Mushroom Music). v: Deborah Conway, Renee Geyer.
I Can’t See Me Without You. (2:41).
(C. Twitty). (EMI Music). v: Deborah Conway.
Ugly Woman. (2:40).
(Raphael de Leon). (Southern). v: Paul Kelly, Renee Geyer, Deborah Conway.
Foggy Highway. (3:27).
(P. Kelly). (Mushroom Music). v: Renee Geyer.
Don’t Break It I Say. (4:10).
(P. Kelly/D. Conway/R. Geyer/M. Armiger/Unknown). (Mushroon Music/EMI Music/Picture This Music/Control).
v: Deborah Conway, Paul Kelly, Renee Geyer.
She’s Got You. (3:00).
(H. Cochran). (Gilbey). v: Deborah Conway.
Crazy. (4:13).
(W. Nelson). (Gilbey). v: Renee Geyer.
Maybe This Time. (3:34).
(P. Kelly/M. Armiger). (Mushroom Music/Picture This Music). v: Vika Bull, Renee Geyer, Deborah Conway.
My Friends Say Fool. (3:32).
(W. Mason). (Mana Music/Warner Chappell). v: Renee Geyer.
In April. (3:30).
(D. Conway). (EMI Music). v: Deborah Conway.
Someday I’ll Take Home The Roses. (3:43).
(J. Stafford). (EMI Music). v: Renee Geyer.