Simpson Le Mesurier Films. 1993. Producers: Roger Le Mesurier, Roger Simpson.
Music: Michael Easton, Michael Atkinson.


CD (ST) Larrikin. CD LRF 305. 1993.

All Compositions Michael Easton and Michael Atkinson/Larrikin Music. Recorded by Graeme Dickson. Mixed by Andrew Rice. Produced by Michael Atkinson and Michael Easton. Engineers: Andrew Dickson, Andrew Rice, Andrew Horne, Les Craythorne. Tracks 1, 6 and 30 played by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, courtesy of the ABC. Additional Players: Violin: Isin Cakmakcioglu. Cello: Rachel Atkinson. Saxophone: Fred Hoskings. Piano: Len Voster. Flute: Bill Yeats. Oboe: Edwina Nugent. Zither: Egon Schipps. Accordion: George Butrumlis.

Closing Titles. (1:34).
Innocence Lost. (2:36).
Horse Race On The High Plains. (2:14).
An Eine Ferne Geliebte. (1:26).
Calm Before The Deluge. (1:27).
Stumbling Through The High Country. (1:09).
Rememberance Of War. (1:35).
Escape From The East. (2:56).
Love On A Winter Morning. (1:40).
Wild Nights In Cooma.
(i) Maxina Madness. (0:59).
Bernie’s Beguine. (1:03).
(ii) First, The News. (0:49).
(iii) High Country Two-Step. (0:54).
(iv) Wild Nights In Bremen.
Thirteen Finger Stomp. (0:49).
(i) On The Pilsener. (0:44).
(ii) Caberet Cafe. (0:48).
(iii) Eva’s Nocturne. (1:28).
(iv) Molly Knows. (1:34).
The Lynching. (1:53).
Rising Damper. (1:32).
Leipzig, Winter 1946. (1:59).
Lilly’s Leaving Town. (1:32).
Journey’s End. (2:00).
Wolfie’s Confession (Abridged from Schumann). (3:14).
Laying Down The Law. (2:07).
Forbidden Fruit. (2:19).
Bremen Streetscape. (1:35).
Cooma Streetscape. (1:20).
Kate In The Mirror. (1:11).
Opening Titles. (2:03).