Matchbox Pictures Pty. Ltd., Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Screen Australia, Screen Queensland, Screen NSW and the Crown in Right of Tasmania under exclusive license to Wantok Musik. 2012.


CD (ST) Wantok Musik. W0008. 2012.

Too Much Superstition/Misso Rande - By David Bridie And Albert David.
Gormi Ama Music Box - By Kadu.
Warupau Nur - By Maupower/Kadu.
West Papua (Merdeka Mix) - By George Telek And Ngaiire Joseph.
Mena Menali - By Seaman Dan.
Doplhin Featuring Will Hatch - By Airileke.
Kapu Ya Ujaremo - By Ran Choir.
Shower Sleaze - By David Bridie.
Sook Sook - By Airileke Featuring Dadi G & Voodoo Dred.
Inagwe - By Mogu.
Toniba - By George Telek.
Do That Chicken Thing - By David Bridie.
Inter Family Subterfuge - By Pius Wasi ,Glen Reither David Bridie.
Mama's Lament - By Mogu.
Sinners Saint Banger - By Maupower.
Long Long Frog Mobile Phone - By David Bridie.
Ailan Kwiktaim - By Seaman Dan.
Get Myself A Gun - By David Bridie.
Mama Mi Laikim Yu - By George Telek.
Coconut - By Rita Mills.
Do You Think Dad Sits At Home And Thinks Up Shit - By David Bridie.
Gormi Ama - By Kadu.
Kapa Roa'ia Se Lalo (Island Way) - By Seaman Dan.
Sissy Can't Do That - By David Bridie.
Bedroom Of Glass Tears And Lead - By David Bridie.
Yasi – By Albeert David / Murray-Wa Dow.