ABC Television. 1988. Executive Producer: Judith Simpson.
Theme: Roger Mason, James Valentine.


45/12” (ST) ABC. 870 533-1. 1988.

(Side 1 tracks and Side 2 tracks are identical).

Theme Composed and Performed by Roger Mason and James Valentine. Musicians: Roger Mason, James Valentine, Mic Conway, Jim Conway, George Washington, Ian Date, Kym Ambrose, Nathalie Thomas, John Armstrong, Chris Armstrong, Ron Howard, Maitland Swallow, Eric Bogle and Brent Miller. Engineers: Neil Sandbach, Warick Maver, Tim Alder, David Long. E. P. Engineer: Warick Maver. E. P. Producers: Roger Mason and Ian Bone. Executive Producer: For A.B.C. Enterprises, Diana Manson.

Swap Shop.
(Composer: James Valentine - Roger Mason).
Singing In The Bathtub/I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles. (2:04).
(Herb Magidson). (Control). v: Conway Brothers Hiccup Orchestra.
Home Among The Gumtrees. (2:04).
(Composer: Wally Johnson - Bob Brown). (Mushroom). v: Tracey Harvey with The Cobbers.
The Baby Tree. (2:50).
(Composer: Rosalie Sorrells). (Castle). v: Glenn Butcher.
Aussie BBQ Song. (2:46).
(Composer: Eric Bogle). (Larrikin). v: Eric Bogle.


LP (ST) ABC. 836 830-1. (CD/CA 836 830-2/4). 1989. (Also ABC. CD/CA 8145042/4).

(Re-issued in 1995 in a double CD pack with “INSPECTOR GADGET”).

Album Producers: Ian Bone & Roger Mason. Additional Production: Julia Kalytis. Musicians: Roger Mason, Mic Conway, Jim Conway, James Valentine, Kym Ambrose, Natalie Thomas, John Armstrong, Chris Armstrong, Ron Howard, Maitland Swallow, John Bear, Joe Dolce, Tony Gorman, Fiona Undy, Tony Fitzgibbon, Mart Saarelaht, David Bates, Neale Sandbach, Warick Maver, Comrie Bucknell, Tim Adler, Brendan O’Neill, John Bartlett. Executive Producer: Diana Manson for ABC Records.

Swap Shop Theme.
(James Mason - Roger Valentine). (Control).
My Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes. (3:03).
(Koehler - Pola - Golden). v: The Conway
Brothers Hiccups Orchestra. (Control).
Home Among The Gum Trees. (2:04).
(Wally Johnson - Bob Brown). v: Tracy Harvey. (Mushroom).
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.
(2:55). (Vance - Pockriss). v: Richard Gray.
Swimming Song. (3:40).
(Loudon Wainwright III). v: Zan Abeyratne. (Jonathon).
Flee Circus Lament. (3:07).
(John Bear). v: John Bear. (Control).
Baby In The Boardroom. (4:07).
(Ian Bone - Roger Mason). v: Penny Biggins. (Control).
Radical Wheels.
(Ian Bone - Roger Mason). v: Karina Hayes. (Control).
On Top Of Spaghetti. (2:27).
(Trad. Arr: Dolce).
v: Joe Dolce. (Control).
Singin’ In The Rain. (2:45).
(Freed - Brown). v: Glenn Butcher. (Control).
Driving In My Car. (2:55).
(M. Barson). v: Phil Scott. (Warner Bros.).
I’m Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself A Letter.
(2:05). (Young - Ahlert). v: Tracy Harvey. (Memory Lane).
Hello Mudder, Hello Fadder. (2:12).
(Allan Sherman). v: James Valentine. (Control).
Girls Just Want To Have Fun. (3:50).
(R. Hazard). v: Karina Hayes. (Warner Bros.).