ATN Channel 7. 1983. Producer: Phil Davis.


LP (OP) Hammard. HAM 108. 1984. “MIKE CARLTON’S NEWS REVIEW”.

Words, Music and Dance sequences by Mike Carlton. Research and Catering by Kerri Carlton. All AMCOS.

01: Bringing Australia Together,
European Sex Scandals,
Sport - Hawk Hawk Hawk and Hawk.
02: Stanley Lamebrain’s Cunning Stunt,
The 2 Bob Note, What’s A Nice
Girl Doing In A Place Like This,
H.M. Herself In The Middle East,
Sport - The Fake Footy Team.
03: The National Conference - Prime
Minister - Bob Hope Andrew Gucci
Comments, N.Z. Elections, Nigerian
Minister For Corruption Kidnapped,
Sport - Sponsorship.
04: Taken By A Dingo?
05: Paddington Bear Affair - Minister
For Old Mates, Shock Crime
Crisis Rock The Wrong Government,
Spying Missions Over Indonesia,
British Spy Scandal, Sport - Olympics
Robert D’Col Ossis.
06: Baby In Vitro - Fertilisation.
07: Spring Festival Of Organised Crime,
The Goanna, Life In The Old
Bastard Yet, Special Book Reading
H.R.H. Prince Chilla, Sport - Rocks
Messup At Bathurst.
01: Middle East Peace Keeping Report,
Prime Minister And Folk Hero Bob Hope
In China, Premier Wrong’s New Deputy,
Love Life Of Prince Randy, Sport - Winter
02: Radio Moscow.
03: President Hopalong Cassidy’s European
Tour - The Longest Day, A Possible Early
Election, Sport - The Human Paddle Pop -
No Disabled People In Russia.
04: Fact Finding Mission On Prostitution.
05: President Hopalong Cassidy Opens
Olympic Games, Premier Never Wrong -
You Can’t Pin That Rap On Me, The Late
Trading Shopping Rebel, Sport - Olympic
Games Report.
06: Olympic Games Report - The 10 Mile
Trudge, The Anzus Row, Shock Horror
Corruption - Life’s A Breeze, Asian
Ladies, Sport - Olympics - We’ve Been
Done Out Of It.
07: The Annual Federal Election Folk Festival,
What About My Little Mate, Mr. President
How Old Are You? Sport - Horse Racing
and Cricket.