Look Television Productions. 1991. Producers: Will Davies, Bee Reynolds.


CD (OP) EMI. 1662952. (m). AAD. 1992.

Music Producer: Tony Baldwin. These recordings digitally remastered at EMI Studio 301, Sydney, utilizing the sonic solutions no noise process.

Fanfare: Repatriation. (1:36).
(Charles Williams). (Chappell Music). Charles Williams Orchestra.
a) Swing Mr. Mendelssohn. b) Melody Farm. (3:14).
(Jurman). (Kaper, Cahn, Jurman). (EMI Records Ltd - 1938). v: Gerry Fitzgerald.
Fall In Brother. (2:34).
(Gerald/Davidson/Portingale). (EMI Music Australia - 1941). v: A.I.F. Entertainment Unit. Jim Davidson and His ABC Dance Orchestra.
There’ll Always Be An England. (3:00).
(Parker/Charles). (EMI Music Australia - 1939). v: Jack Carpenter. Jim Davidson and His ABC Dance Orchestra.
Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition. (2:58).
(Frank Loesser). (EMI Music Australia - 1943). v: Dick Bentley with George Trevare’s Australians.
We’re Gonna Hang Out The Washing On The Siegfried Line. (2:23).
(Kennedy/Carr). (EMI Music Australia - 1939). v: Jack Carpenter and the Band. Jim Davidson and His ABC Dance Orchestra.
The Deepest Shelter In Town. (2:38).
(L. J. Jones). (EMI Records Ltd - 1941). v: Florence Desmond.
In The Chapel In The Moonlight. (3:03).
(Billy Hill). (EMI Music Australia - 1937). v: John Warren, Alice Smith. Jim Davidson and His ABC Dance Orchestra.
Along The Road To Gundagi. (2:32).
(Jack O’Hagan). (EMI Music Australia - 1938). v: Dick Cranbourne. Jim Davidson’s Dandies.
a) Love Is Here To Stay. b) Love Walked In. (3:09).
(Gershwin). (EMI Records Ltd - 1938). v: Eve Becke. Louis Levy and His Orchestra.
a) I’m Happy When You’re Happy. b) I’m In A Muddle. c) Pins And Winkles.
d) In The Hustle And Bustle Of Spring.
(Ellis/Lerner/Goodhart/Hoffman). (EMI Records Ltd - 1937). New Mayfair Orchestra Conducted by Ronnie Munro.
The Thing-ummy Bob. (2:47).
(Heneker/Thompson). (EMI Records Ltd - 1941). v: Arthur Askey with Orchestral Accompaniment.
The Aussies And The Yanks Are Here. (3:02).
(Nauer). (EMI Music Australia - 1942). v: Joy Nichols and the Mastersingers Quartette. Bert Howell and His Show Band.
Harbour Lights. (3:09).
(Kennedy/Williams). (EMI Records Ltd - 1937). Bram Martin and His Orchestra. Rhythmic Troubadours.
When A Boy From Alabama Meets A Girl From Gundagai. (3:02).
(Jack O’Hagan). (EMI Music Australia - 1942). Joy Nichols With Fred McIntosh and His Orchestra.
Thanks Mr. Roosevelt. (2:21).
(Connor). (EMI Records Ltd - 1941). v: Sam Browne. Harry Leader and His Band.
Till The Lights Of London Shine Again. (3:09).
(Connor/Pola). (EMI Records Ltd - 1939). Chick Henderson with Joe Loss’ Band.
When Can I Have A Banana Again. (3:09).
(Mills/Rogers/Ray). (EMI Records Ltd - 1943). v: Harry Roy and Chorus. Harry Roy and His Orchestra.
Heaven Can Wait. (2:52).
(Van Heusen). (EMI Music Australia - 1939). v: Alice Smith. Jim Davidson and His ABC Dance Orchestra.
Say A Prayer For The Boys Over There. (2:31).
(McHugh/Magidson). (EMI Music Australia - 1944). v: Joan Blake. George Trevare’s Dance Band.